Watch: Oscar Isaac Looks Crazy In New Moon Knight Mid-Season Teaser

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

Marvel Studios is officially two episodes into its run with Moon Knight on Disney+, giving fans an insane adventure with an immensely powerful new character debuting in Phase 4. Oscar Isaac brings a new level of crazy to his first appearance in the MCU, which sees him take on more than one personality inside a dangerous fighter entangled with the gods of Ancient Egypt.

Even with two of the show’s six episodes having already premiered, there are still very few hints or clues pointing to what’s ahead for Isaac’s mystical and supernatural hero. Fans began to learn about Arthur Harrow’s motivations as he met Steven Grant in Moon Knight’s second entry, although there is still so much left to be discovered as Marc Spector and Moon Knight themselves wait in the wings.

Part of what makes the show so compelling is the exploration of Marc Spector’s multiple personalities, which add a layer of depth to his character along and create different kinds of challenges for the core characters. Now, some of that insanity is being teased as Marvel Studios approaches a milestone marker for Moon Knight’s run on Disney+.

Oscar Isaac Brings the Crazy

Marvel Studios released a 15-second trailer for Moon Knight as the series approaches the midway point of its first season.

The teaser features almost entirely new footage, some of which shows Isaac's Marc Spector with a crazy look in his eyes as he kneels before the Moon God Khonshu - his eyes are even glowing white.

Moon Knight

Fans see a giant Egyptian-looking ship sailing through the sand of an undisclosed desert, likely in the country of Egypt itself as the sun sets in the background.

Moon Knight ship
Marvel Studios

Additionally, Isaac's hero is seen in an all-white hallway as he says "really amazing," potentially going insane during the scene as he has a crazed look on his face.

Moon Knight therapy
Marvel Studios

Isaac's Moon Knight jumps into battle with Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow on a rooftop, which could be one of the show's final battles as the hero and villain come to blows with one another.

Moon Knight Arthur Harrow fight
Marvel Studios

The full clip, which goes under the title "Truth," can be seen below:


Moon Knight Set for Wild Finish

WARNING: The rest of this article contains spoilers for the first two episodes of Moon Knight.

Ahead of its release on Disney+, Moon Knight was teased as potentially one of the MCU’s scariest and darkest properties to date. After some brutal action and terrifying looks into the mental side of the story, Episode 3 is sure to continue down that same path for Isaac’s titular hero.

Short clips from the show’s trailers teased that Marc Spector may end up in some kind of mental institution from the building with the all-white interior making another appearance in this spot. As Steven and Marc learn more about one another, likely leading to more stress for both personalities, the show is sure to explore that dynamic more fully, with Marc taking more of a leading role.

On top of that, the action only looks to intensify as Marc is highlighted more, as seen in his scary interaction with Khonshu where he dons his full Moon Knight outfit sans mask. It will all lead to a more physical confrontation with Arthur Harrow down the road, which should open the door to more Egyptian mythology and themes as well.

With four episodes remaining, this teaser gives just a taste of the crazy action that's still yet to come over the last next few weeks.

The first two episodes of Moon Knight are available to stream on Disney+. Episode 3 will debut on April 13.

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