MCU: New Supernatural Villain Revealed In Moon Knight Trailer

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Moon Knight, Supernatural

On Disney+ Day 2021, Marvel Studios released the first look at Moon Knight, which showed off Oscar Isaac's controversial accent for Steven Grant and the caped hero pumbling something supernatural in a bathroom. On further inspection of the sizzle reel, fans noticed this same creeping villain seemingly stalking Grant in a museum.

Fans debated whether this creature was a werewolf drawn to Grant or some servant of a rival Egyptian god to Khonshu, such as Anubis, the jackal-headed and Egyptian god of the dead. After all, it was implied in a synopsis that this series would depict a conflict between the ancient Egyptian gods.

But, newly released footage of Moon Knight has finally brought this creature into the light, putting the debate to rest.

Anubis Sics Dogs on Moon Knight

A new promotional trailer for Moon Knight was released that showed new footage, including the Fist of Khonshu being chased by a supernatural creature with elongated limbs, toes, fingers, and glowing eyes.

Moon Knight Anubis Creature Crotch
Marvel Studios

The creature leaps at Moon Knight, giving fans the best look at it yet while the supernatural hero prepares to attack it with his crescent darts.

Moon Knight Anubis Creature Jumping
Marvel Studios

Upon closer inspection, it's clear that this creature isn't a werewolf. Instead, it's a practically dried-up husk in the form of a jackal, as indicated by the ears and snout, which points to it being a servant of the Egyptian god, Anubis.

Moon Knight Close Up Anubis Creature
Marvel Studios

It's almost certainly the same kind of creature that fans have seen Moon Knight beating in a ruined bathroom, but it's unclear if this is the same monster that attacks the nighttime superhero on the roof in this new footage.

Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

The full promo can be watched below:

Moon Knight Protecting the Vulnerable

It's unclear whether this creature is only targeting Moon Knight or whether it was attacking innocent bystanders before the vigilante intervened. After all, the voiceover for the footage has Marc Spector telling Steven Grant that "we protect the vulnerable and deliver justice."

In the comics, one of Moon Knight's sworn duties as a hero is to protect those who travel at night, whether from a petty criminal or a rabid werewolf. So, it'll be interesting to see how much time in this series is devoted to the superhero protecting the innocent while also fighting off other Egyptian gods in service of Khonshu.

It's fascinating that this is definitively taking place in medias res as Spector has to explain to Grant what they do as Moon Knight. So, it's no wonder why personas like Mr. Knight already exist; Spector has been doing this for quite a while already without Grant knowing, until now at least.

Fans will see this superhero's crime-fighting in action when Moon Knight debuts on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

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