Watch: Ethan Hawke Summons a Monster In New Marvel Moon Knight Clip

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Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, Moon Knight logo

Moon Knight's marketing has been ramping up as it inches closer to its Disney+ premiere on March 30. The upcoming Marvel series will introduce a brand-new MCU hero in the form of Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector alongside Ethan Hawke's mysterious villain, Arthur Harrow. The exact motivation of Harrow against Moon Knight is still being kept under wraps, but promotional footage clearly suggests that the character is driven by a certain agenda. 

Moon Knight's trailer portrayed Arthur Harrow as a cult leader with many followers, but it seems that there is something more to the villain. Hawke previously teased that he's portraying someone who truly believes that "they're a good person," which he finds "really terrifying."

Now, as more footage is slowly being unveiled, a new clip teased Harrow's abilities. 

Oscar Isaac's Steven Grant Escapes His Enemies 

Marvel Studios officially released a brand-new clip for Moon Knight, showcasing more of the Disney+ series' thrilling action scenes and mysterious storyline. 

The one-minute clip starts with Oscar Isaac's Steven Grant alongside May Calamawy's Layla, with the latter trying to tell the MCU hero to "summon his suit" in order to escape Arthur Harrow and his thugs. 

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, May Calamawy as Layla, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Ethan Hawke's Marvel villain is clearly not amused by the exchange as the pair leave to protect an unknown MacGuffin from him.

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Harrow then tries to summon a dangerous creature from within the depths of the location by using his cane. 

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Layla fights off Harrow's men with Grant looking from afar. Harrow recites some sort of ritual as the monster rises from beneath, potentially being unleashed to try and capture the runaway pair. 

Monster, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

The clip can be seen below: 


Moon Knight vs Arthur Harrow & Demons?

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

It is unknown which creature Arthur Harrow is trying to summon, but a previous trailer may have teased what's coming. Past footage shows Moon Knight being chased by a Jackal, and the clip above appears to be set before that fateful encounter. 

The fact that Harrow can summon demonic creatures indicates that he is not a villain to be messed with, spelling trouble for Oscar Isaac's titular antihero. In addition, it also presents the possibility that more creatures will be unleashed by Harrow down the line. 

The secret MacGuffin that Steven and Layla are trying to protect is also a mystery. Fans have theorized that this jewel could be the MCU's version of the Ruby Scarab, a powerful artifact that can be used to banish Elementals into an extradimensional prison. 

It's possible that this could be the key to finally sealing the gates of Harrow's chamber of creatures, potentially explaining why Layla tells Steven to protect it at all costs. 

Whatever the case, this latest clip from Moon Knight offers a glimpse of the MCU's supernatural side that will eventually break wide open in the series. 

Moon Knight is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 30. 

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