Watch: New Moon Knight Footage Reveals Insane Supernatural Scenes

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Moon Knight logo,Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

Moon Knight is set to open the supernatural side of the MCU by introducing another masked vigilante in the form of Oscar Isaac's titular hero. The series will tell the origin story of how a former mercenary, Marc Spector, becomes the agent of the Egyptian God Khonshu. Aside from being a superhero, the character also has dissociative identity disorder, a condition where an individual has multiple personalities. 

As the show's release inches closer, marketing has been ramping up for Moon Knight in the past weeks. Promotional footage for the series mainly focused on showcasing its thrilling action sequences and the complexity of Spector's mental condition. 

Now, official footage for the series has featured more of its supernatural side, boosting anticipation for its highly anticipated release.

Moon Knight Promo Unveils More Action & Stunning Locations

USA Today officially revealed a brand-new featurette for Moon Knight, showcasing a preview of the upcoming MCU series. 

The 90-second video shows several interviews with lead star Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy, director Mohamed Diab, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige alongside tons of new footage of the Marvel hero. 

In the video, Hawke shared that the fun of Moon Knight is "getting introduced to a new superhero in a new world." Isaac also chimed in by saying that the show is a "real legitimate character study" while also saying that they took the mental health aspect "incredibly seriously."

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Feige described the titular hero as a "spectacular character" and someone who has an "incredibly unique visual look."

Calamawy teased that Moon Knight's tone is like "Fight Club meets Indiana Jones," saying that it's a "bit dark at times."

One of the new scenes featured in the promo is a sequence where Isaac's Marc Spector can be seen walking inside Khonshu's base in Egypt: 

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Khonshu seems to be doing some kind of ritual with presumably Mr. Knight and May Calamawy's Layla: 

Khonshu, Mr. Knight, May Calamawy
Marvel Studios

Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow appears to be on a mission of his own in this official still: 

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow
Marvel Studios

Marc Spector can be seen alongside May Calamawy's Layla in this still, hinting that they have a partnership long before the former vigilante becomes Moon Knight:

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, May Calamawy as Layla
Marvel Studios

The featurette can be seen below: 


Moon Knight Dives Into the Supernatural 

As seen in the latest featurette, Moon Knight seems poised to deliver hard-hitting action mixed with intriguing supernatural aspects. 

Moon Knight's exact plot details are still being kept under wraps. Despite that, official promotional footage of the series has strongly teased its overall outlook, generating more hype for its upcoming debut. 

May Calamawy's remark about the show as something like "Fight Club meets Indiana Jones" indicates that Oscar Isaac's Marvel hero will go on a nonstop adventure through various locations while fighting bad guys along the way. This is in line with what Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously noted, saying that Moon Knight will be "brutal" while also introducing a "tonal shift" for the MCU. 

Isaac's comment about taking the mental health aspect "seriously" in the series should allow viewers to take a closer look at the topic through the lens of a superhero. 

From stunning locations to spectacular action, many would agree that Moon Knight has the potential to deliver a unique experience for Marvel fans.

The first episode of Moon Knight is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 30, 2022. 

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