Moon Knight Season 2: When Does It Fit Into MCU Phase 6-7?

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When might a hypothetical second season of Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe tapestry?

The Disney+ series is one of the best-received streaming series from Marvel Studios. Its first season even ended with a big cliffhanger—one that begs further exploration. However, there are no indications of when fans will be seeing Isaac’s hero again.

There have been plenty of rumors regarding a second season, but the star himself admitted that “[they] don’t know” if there will be another batch of episodes.

When Will Moon Knight Season 2 Release?

With Moon Knight Season 2 still yet to be announced, Marvel Studios has yet to confirm a release date. However, looking at the MCU's plans for the coming years combined with rumors and reports, a release window can be narrowed down.

Could Moon Knight Return Next Year?

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A release anytime in 2024 is by far the least likely scenario for Moon Knight Season 2. Even if production somehow began right now, it would still be near-impossible for Marvel Studios to pull off and fit into the slate.

For one, a second season has still not been confirmed by Marvel Studios. Secondly, filming doesn't appear anywhere close to starting up yet, and it would need to be just around the corner if it hopes to make it onto Disney+ in early 2024.

Not to mention, next year’s MCU Disney+ release slate is already filled to the brim. IronheartAgatha: Coven of Chaos, and the 18-episode Daredevil: Born Again are all expected to release in that window, meaning more than half the year is already occupied for weekly releases.

That’s not even including Echo, which might also be included if the project doesn’t make it out of the gates by the end of 2023 - although the latest update offers positive signs on that front.

Release Option 1: Moon Knight Rounds Out 2024

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The earliest logistically possible release date for Moon Knight Season 2 would likely be the later portion of 2024. However, that would require production to begin imminently and there is currently no evidence pointing toward that.

On top of the already announced 2024 slate, Marvel Studios also has Wonder Man on the way to Disney+, and that appears to be far closer to release than Moon Knight Season 2 given it has already begun production.

So, once again, even if a Moon Knight follow-up could get itself off the ground imminently, there simply isn't room to fit it into the roster until at least 2025.

Release Option 2: Moon Knight Returns In Time For Avengers 5

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One of the biggest rumors about a potential second season is the inclusion of the Kang Variant Rama-Tut. The character, briefly seen in the post-credits scene for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, is an Egyptian Pharaoh, so connecting him to Marc Spector’s story wouldn’t be hard to do.

Including Kang in the proceedings would also be a great way to build momentum for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. It could be a smooth way of bringing Moon Knight into the wider MCU storyline after Season 1 was one of the more standalone affairs of the franchise.

Therefore, from a narrative standpoint, a second season of Moon Knight could fit nicely before Avengers 5 in early 2025. This would also be far more plausible from a logistical point of view, allowing two years from now to develop the project.

Not only that, but the Disney+ slate gets significantly less crowded when 2025 and Phase 6 hit, as, while further projects have been reported to be in the works, Marvel Studios has only made the bulk of its slate official up to the end of Phase 4.

A previous rumor also claimed that Marvel Studios aims to release Season 2 before The Kang Dynasty, which is currently set to land on May 2, 2025, although many expect that date to be pushed back.

Release Option 3: Moon Knight Season 2 Fills Gap Between Avengers 5 & 6

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It’s unclear what the ramifications of The Kang Dynasty will be for the MCU. With that said, there’s no telling what the Marvel world will look like between the fifth and sixth Avengers films.

Many fans believe, and there were some rumors to suggest, the projects that come between the blockbusters will explore Battleworld - which is basically a patchwork existence made up of various alternate realities. The concept is a key driving factor of 2015’s comic version of the story, which remains a fan-favorite.

One of those worlds could be ancient Egypt themed, with Rama-Tut ruling over its denizens and Moon Knight being their great protector.

Release Option 4: No Moon Knight Season 2 Until Phase 7

Marvel Studios Phase 7

The least likely solution would be to wait until after the release of The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars when Phase 7 starts up.

For one, given the heavy rumors of Kang’s involvement, releasing Season 2 after the villain has been presumably beaten would be a strange choice.

Many also feel an additional season for the show is needed before Moon Knight gets integrated into those bigger crossover events. That development would not have the chance to take place if a continuation doesn’t happen until after 

MCU Disney+ Second Season Trend?

After the Kang Variant was teased in Season 1, Rama-Tut may be a natural continuation to Moon Knight’s story and offers a seamless way to integrate Marc Spector into the larger puzzle of the MCU.

As it stands, a Phase 6 release date would likely be the best window for Marvel to release a second season. By the time Phase 7 lands, the MCU should be starting to deal with the introduction of mutants.

So, based on the current MCU slate, that ought to place Season 2 across 2025 and early 2026 - likely on the earlier end if rumors of it releasing before The Kang Dynasty are true. Although that window could easily shift and extend as the rest of the Multiverse Saga release plans change.

Hopefully, Marvel can announce the existence of Season 2 sooner rather than later. As it currently stands, Loki is still the only Marvel Cinematic Universe live-action Disney+ series to get a second season.

Ms. Marvel is another series that fans are eagerly awaiting a continuation of, with her next set to appear in 2023's The Marvels. For now, Iman Villani’s New Jersey antics also don’t even have an estimated release window.

Moon Knight Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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