Moon Knight Season 2: Will More Episodes Ever Release?

Will Moon Knight return for a second season or is the series officially over?

By Nathan Johnson -

Release Date:
March 30, 2022
Number of Episodes:
6 Episodes
How To Watch:
Mohamed Diab
Justin Benson
Aaron Moorhead
Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector 
Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow
May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly
F. Murray Abraham as Khonshu
Danielle Iman
Jeremy Slater
Kevin Feige
Oscar Isaac
Action adventure
Psychological horror
Previous Series:
Next Series:
Ms. Marvel
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The first trailer for Moon Knight earned the most YouTube likes of any MCU Disney+ trailer to date.

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MCU Writer Teases Moon Knight vs. Batman Differences

Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater addressed the similarities and differences between Moon Knight and Batman.

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Marvel Hides Free Comic In Moon Knight Episode 1: How to Retrieve It

Marvel gave away a free Moon Knight comic in Episode 1 of the Disney+ series.

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Marvel Rumored to Rival Daredevil's Iconic Hallway Fight With Moon Knight Action Sequence

It’s been reported that Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight will feature the Mr. Knight costume from the 2014 comic run of the character, and includes a Daredevil influenced hallway fight sequence.

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Moon Knight: Marvel Studios Taps Egyptian Mohamed Diab To Direct Oscar Isaac-Led Disney+ Show

Marvel Studios has tapped Mohammed Diab to direct Moon Knight on Disney+

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Moon Knight: Marvel Studios Casting 4 Egyptian Characters Alongside Oscar Isaac's Lead (Exclusive)

Moon Knight is now casting Egyptian actors for lead and supporting characters.

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Marvel's upcoming Disney+ series' Moon Knight and She-Hulk will both reportedly enter production in early 2021.

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Moon Knight Writer Responds to Controversy Over Oscar Isaac's Casting

The comic writer who solidified Moon Knight's Jewish background gave his thoughts on Oscar Isaac's casting as Marc Spector.

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Marvel Studios confirmed that six MCU live-action movies and shows will premiere in 2022.

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Will Disney+’s X-Men Be Canon In the MCU? Head Writer Responds (Exclusive)

Beau DeMayo, the head writer for X-Men '97, commented on if the upcoming animated show is canon to the MCU, given the Marvel Studios branding.

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Marvel Accidentally Hints at Moon Knight Season 2 on Twitter

Marvel Studios potentially teased that Moon Knight could get a second season on Disney+.

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When Will Moon Knight Return? MCU Director Teases What Could Be Next

Mohamed Diab shared his desire for Moon Knight to continue into Season 2.

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Moon Knight Season 2: Disney+ Hints at Returning Characters With New Survey

Disney+ sent out a survey asking which characters fans want to see more of in Season 2 of Moon Knight.

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Marvel's Moon Knight: Kevin Feige Teases Heavy Action of Disney+ Series

Kevin Feige reveals that Moon Knight will have some of the most exciting action sequences in the MCU in quite some time, and the show will explore Marc Spector's mental illness.

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Moon Knight Disney+: Oscar Isaac Teases Groundbreaking Elements of Marvel Show

Oscar Isaac teased what to expect from Moon Knight and his MCU costume.

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Marvel's Kevin Feige & Co. Share Thanks to Moon Knight Crew as Disney+ Show Wraps

A message from Marvel Studios confirmed that filming for Moon Knight in Budapest is officially complete.

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Marvel Studios Rumored To Explore Mental Health Issues in Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight Disney+ Show

While She-Hulk is being billed as a comedy, Moon Knight will be darker and explore Marc Spector's mental health issues.

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