Moon Knight TV Designer Reveals the Creepy Easter Egg We All Missed

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Despite being scarce in MCU Easter eggs, Moon Knight still featured many interesting references to Egyptian mythology and even callbacks to its earlier episodes. While the Oscar Isaac-led Marvel series included two notable books about Asgard and Wakanda, the show mainly focused on telling its own story while establishing its identity. 

It was during Episode 4 when the references to earlier episodes dialed up even further as it was revealed that Marc Spector was trapped inside his own mental asylum. In this installment, the setting itself was littered with at least 14 callbacks, ranging from the ice cream truck from Episode 1 to the Egyptian goddess Taweret. 

Now, a newly revealed Easter egg that fans missed in the asylum has been pointed out by the show's costume designer. 

Moon Knight Includes Sneaky Arthur Harrow Callback

Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik sat down with Digital Spy to talk about a hidden Arthur Harrow Easter egg that was featured in Episode 6. 

In the finale, Marc Spector had enough of Harrow's "diagnosis" in his mental prison. When Harrow went back to his desk, it was apparent that he had blood on his sandals. 

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Kasperlik noted that while the series doesn't necessarily show this part in an extended manner, the designer shared that there's an imprint of a crocodile in the blood trails: 

“It’s when [Arthur Harrow] walks away and has blood on his sandals. We put on the bottom of the sandals, built into the sole, there’s a crocodile imprint on it. So when he walks away, there’s an imprint in the blood of a crocodile. I don’t think they ended up focusing on it, but we actually practically did it.” 

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This reference is an Easter egg to two important aspects of Harrow's character. The crocodile callback is tied to Ammit while the blood on his sandals actually alludes to Moon Knight's opening scene where it showed Arthur smashing his glass and putting the shards in his shoes. 

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Why Moon Knight is Clever in Placing Hidden Easter Eggs 

Moon Knight took things to a whole new level by showcasing a deep dive into Egyptian mythology while also allowing fans to question if some scenes were set in the real world. One such sequence is the asylum setting where it was revealed that Oscar Isaac's titular protagonist is stuck inside a psychiatric hospital. 

The Easter egg that Moon Knight's designer discussed is part of the show's twists and turns that made it feel like it is an actual treasure hunt. It also acts as a reward for those closely tuning in on the series, with diehard viewers taking notice of this Arthur Harrow reference on their first watch. 

Despite being killed off by Jake Lockley (Marc Spector's third personality), there's still hope that Ethan Hawke's Marvel villain could return. Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab already teased a potential comeback for the character, indicating that the villain is not entirely dead. 

Whatever the case, given the massive scale of Moon Knight, it's possible that there are still hidden Easter eggs in the series that are waiting to be discovered. 

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