Will Moon Knight Season 2 Include Werewolf by Night? MCU Director Responds

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Moon Knight Season 2 Werewolf By Night

One of the worst kept secrets in Marvel Studios' history has easily been the existence of Werewolf by Night. Long before shooting ever began, the character was long rumored to be entering into the MCU. The world was even aware of when the special went into production—no matter what Marvel Studios might tell themselves.

But now that the character is officially revealed, many are already thinking about what might be next for the character. When it comes to thoughts like those, the obvious next thought is some sort of connection with Moon Knight

Werewolf by Night

Why? Well, the Oscar Isaac-played character made his first appearance in the monster's 32nd comic, tying the two closely in Marvel's history on the page. So it seems like only a matter of time before the two will meet in the MCU. Maybe even in a Moon Knight season 2, if it's ever confirmed.

But what do those behind the upcoming special Werewolf By Night think?

Werewolf by Moon Knight

While talking with ET Canada, the cast and creative talent behind the upcoming Marvel Studios special Werewolf by Night were asked about the potential of crossing paths with Moon Knight at some point in the future, possibly in a second season with Oscar Isaac's character if given the chance.

Moon Knight, Werewolf by Night

The question caught star Bernal off guard, as he jokingly suggested "talk[ing] to Moon Knight about [it]:"

"“Am I–... Let’s talk to Moon Knight about that, because, yeah, he’s been… you know... ”

Director and composer Michal Giacchino butted in, saying that "there are no immediate plans" as of yet:

“Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf by Night in the comics years ago. That’s what everyone is thinking. Yeah, there’s no immediate plans for anything like that.”

The director then went on to talk about the movie, noting how the prospect of being "saddled with something that... they can't control" is a core idea of the film, one that he feels is something audiences will likely be able to connect with easily:

"... It’s a werewolf movie. And it is, you know, look, the thing about monsters that I love… monsters are always struggling with something, you know? They’re saddled with something that… they can’t control. And it’s such a great way to think about things in life. I mean, we all have these things in our life that we’re either ashamed of, or we’re working on, or we’re trying to be better at. And I feel like monster movies are an amazing way to tell those stories."

He continued, making it clear that they wanted to "tell a story about people that care about something:"

"And so we tried to just go in as deep as we could and tell a story about people that care about something. In people that have this affliction that still care about something, but are still working outward to be better, and still working out were to help each other, and that’s what we wanted to do. I feel like the best monster movies do that, so that’s the direction we went.”

Will the Wolf and Moon Collide?

The two characters are destined to cross paths at one point or another in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Moon Knight does get a second season, then that seems like it would be the perfect place for that event to happen.

After all, not only does Marvel need to build up interaction between those two, but also Oscar Isaac's character teaming up with Mahershala Ali's Blade—who was rumored to once be a part of Werewolf by Night.

With the scary Halloween special only weeks away, fans won't have to wait long to see how the MCU will be adapting the titular Werewolf. While Moon Knight and Blade may be no-shows, Man-Thing will at least be making an appearance; a creature who just might be extremely important to the Multiverse Saga.

Werewolf By Night is set to hit Disney+ on Saturday, October 7. 

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