Marvel Rumor Claims Disney+ Show For MCU's Werewolf by Night In the Works

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Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not only bringing dozens of new characters, but also an entirely new division of the universe that will explore the supernatural. The first signs of this were teased during Loki's run on Disney+, and next year, it will begin to come to full fruition with Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight.

Filming is currently underway in Budapest for Marc Spector's first solo MCU project, which is rumored to arrive sometime in early 2022. While details still remain scarce in terms of the hero's story and the villains he will face, Marvel is preparing to dive fully into the mystical side of its story.

Rumors recently came to light as well about Marvel looking to bring the Moon Knight villain Werewolf by Night into play after having been blocked from being used in other Marvel projects in recent years. Now, a new report has revealed that the villain could be in for something much bigger for his MCU debut.


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Insider Lizzie Hill revealed on The Cosmic Circus that Marvel Studios is planning a Disney+ series for the Moon Knight villain Werewolf By Night. The show will reportedly film under the working title "Buzz Cut" starting in February 2022; this comes after rumors pointed to the character first appearing in the Moon Knight series premiering in 2022.

Geeks Worldwide initially reported on Werewolf by Night coming to a Marvel Studios project in August 2019.


At the moment, there are no definitive plans for Werewolf By Night to make his arrival in Moon Knight or any other confirmed MCU projects coming in the next couple of years. However, this report confirms that Marvel Studios has big things in store for the terrifying Marvel Comics villain in the near future.

Jack Russell was originally the main character in the Werewolf By Knight story in which Moon Knight made his Marvel Comics debut, which tracks well with Marvel possibly introducing the characters together in this new Disney+ outing.

This wouldn't be the first time Marvel has taken this route after setting the precedent with Alaqua Cox's Echo, which is rumored to start production in 2022, continuing from Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye. With so many heroes at Marvel's disposal to use in both the movies and the Disney+ shows, there are more avenues than ever before the studio can use for their debuts.

With Werewolf By Night rumored to go into production next February, it likely won't debut on Disney+ until late 2022 or early 2023. However, the fact that it's rumored to be in development should be something exciting for the supernatural side of the MCU.

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