Marvel Rumor Indicates Jack Russell Will be the MCU's Werewolf By Night

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Marvel Studios expanded its interconnected franchise into the streaming world of Disney+ with WandaVision in January 2021. Fast forward almost a full calendar year forward with four series now on the platform and many more on the way. Episodic shows aren't the only projects in the works to stream on Disney+ though, as it has been confirmed that the MCU will also have a Halloween special as well as a Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special in 2022.

Little is known about what the Halloween special will be centered around, but many past reports and rumors suggest that it will feature some horror and supernatural elements with the character Werewolf by Night. A report earlier in the year suggested that Marvel Studios was developing some type of project on the character likely to begin filming in early 2022.

If the reports are true about Werewolf by Night, that raises the question of which version will be seen on-screen. Jack Russell was the first character to undergo the transformation into the supernatural, and then Jake Gomez later turned into the character due to a curse put on him.

A recent rumor suggests which version of the character will be present in the Disney+ Halloween special, and it also reveals another creepy character that could be alongside the nocturnal creature.

Which Werewolf By Night will be in the MCU?


Which character will be Werewolf by Night? According to a recent rumor from The Illuminerdi, the Werewolf by Night character will be what the MCU's Halloween special on Disney+ will center around. The report states that Jack Russell will be the Werewolf by Night in the upcoming MCU Halloween special for Disney+. 

It also suggested that there have been "rumblings" of Nina Price appearing in the Disney+ special as well. Nina is the niece of Jack Russell and is more commonly known as Vampire by Night, a shapeshifter who can turn into either a vampiress or a werewolf.

Horror in the MCU

The rumors of a project centering around Werewolf by Night are just as strong as any other rumor in the MCU. The character is commonly associated as being an adversary to Moon Knight, and with Oscar Isaac's Disney+ series titled Moon Knight coming in early or mid-2022, that would be a perfect time for the character to be introduced.

It has also been confirmed that Marvel Studios will be dipping more into the horror genre in 2022 with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It is possible but unlikely for Werewolf by Night to appear in the Benedict Cumberbatch sequel, but the horror aspects explored in the movie could transfer over to the Halloween special.

If this rumor is true, and Jack Russell will be the character shapeshifting into Werewolf by Night, it is extremely likely that his niece, Nina Price, will be joining him. It will be interesting to see how Marvel Studios handles their characters as well as their interactions, but it is safe to say that the Halloween special will, in fact, be special.

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