MCU: First Look at Werewolf by Night's Monster In Color (Photo)

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MCU Werewolf by Night’s Monster Transformation In Color (Photo)

It was a shock for fans to learn that Jack Russell's Werewolf by Night would use full practical prosthetics for the costume. Many had assumed Marvel Studios would have just used CGI to adapt Russell's more recent, larger designs from the comics.

The trailer for Werewolf by Night at D23 shows how old-school Marvel Studios is willing to go, even if fans didn't get the best look at the titular character. But, concept art shown at the “A Boundless Future: Disney Parks, Experiences and Products” panel revealed the character will be part of a new attraction at Avengers Campus.

Now, fans have gotten the best look at Werewolf by Night yet.

Best Look at Jack Russell's Werewolf by Night

At the D23 Expo panel for Disney Parks, a new Multiversal attraction was announced as part of Avengers Campus revolving around heroes across the Multiverse fighting a victorious King Thanos.

Art depicting the attraction shows peaks at yet-to-be-seen heroes, like Jack Russell's Werewolf by Night.

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The design is clearly influenced by Russell's early appearance in the comics, where his design was directly inspired by Universal's The Wolf Man from 1941.

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Werewolf by Night

The only glimpses of him fans have gotten were in the trailer for Werewolf by Night, but now Russell's monstrous transformation can be seen in glorious color in this concept art for the new attraction.

Man-Thing, Concept Art, MCU, Avengers Campus

Additionally, fans were given a better look at Man-Thing, with its classic glowing red eyes as he attacks Thanos with the other heroes.

Monster Squad in Color

It's amazing to see both the designs for Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing in color next to other heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, it's concept art for a theme park attraction, but there's no doubt that fans will see these characters again in live-action, and in color too, after the Halloween special.

Perhaps audiences will see them alongside Mahershala Ali's Blade for a reunion as the Midnight Suns. Or this special could be a yearly event, with even more monsters introduced into the MCU each year.

Fans can watch Werewolf by Night on Disney+ on October 7.

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