Disney Introduces King Thanos Who ‘Won’ Avengers: Endgame

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Thanos Avengers: Endgame

While Marvel Studios has expanded to tell its story across both movie theater screens and on Disney+, there is one place the MCU has only just started to tell its story within. Avengers Campus at California's Disneyland has allowed the franchise to venture into the world of theme parks, telling in-canon stories that fans can be a part of. 

The park opened earlier this year, emulating the success Disney has found with its Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction by allowing parkgoers to interact directly with the MCU and its myriad of iconic characters. 

One name that has yet to appear at Avengers Campus is the Mad Titan Thanos, who became the big bad of the Infinity Saga and wiped out half the universe with one swift snap of his fingers. On the big screen, Earth's Mightiest Heroes banded together to take down the Mad Titan in Avengers: Endgame. But a new Disneyland attraction will dive into a different version of the character—one whose plans where never thwarted by the Avengers. 

King Thanos is Coming 

King Thanos 2
Marvel Studios

As a part of the D23 “A Boundless Future: Disney Parks, Experiences and Products” presentation, it was revealed that King Thanos will make "his MCU debut" as a part of a new attraction at Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort. 

King Thanos Attraction 1
Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said the main difference between this version of Thanos and the one seen in the theatrical MCU films is this one "won" the battle against Earth's Mightiest Heroes. 

King Thanos Heroes 1
Marvel Studios

The attraction is described to include both new and returning heroes from the Marvel Studios canon, coming with a gorgeous piece of promotional art that sports a myriad of Marvel heroes from across the Multiverse. 

King Thanos Heroes 2
Marvel Studios

This will mark the third attraction to open at California Adventure's Avengers Campus, allowing visitors to "join the fight to stop a new threat" in "King Thanos, a Multiverse variant designed specifically for Avengers Campus."

A Multiversal Debut at Disneyland

This newly announced Disneyland attraction will be an exciting one, not just because it will surely provide parkgoers the thrills that Disney Parks are known for, but also because it will venture into the Multiverse, allowing fans to take down a new version of Thanos alongside their favorite Marvel heroes. 

Now, while King Thanos may be new to the MCU, he is not a wholly new character. On the comics page, this version of the Mad Titan has been around for years.

Marvel comics described King Thanos as a variant of the iconic villain who in a quest to please Death, kills almost every living thing in the Universe. From there, he becomes king of what remains. He is a threat that all the MCU Multiverse will have to band together to take care of, and that will seemingly be the case in this new attraction. 

While at this point it seems unlikely for King Thanos to ever make the jump from Avengers Campus to the big screen, it is exciting to see this version of the character show up in an official Marvel Studios capacity. 

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