D23: Disney Announces Multiverse Expansion for Marvel's Avengers Campus

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Avengers Campus

Ever since The Walt Disney Corporation acquired Marvel over a decade ago, they’ve likely had their sights set on theme parks. Disney’s theme parks are some of the company’s biggest money makers, and having already launched the hugely successful Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in 2019, a Marvel-themed park expansion was inevitable.

Enter Avengers Campus - an add-on to Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim. The area boasts two major Marvel attractions: Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure and Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout. In addition, there are also concessions with an Ant-Man twist, as well as meet-and-greets with some iconic Marvel heroes.

And now, at D23 Expo, an all-new experience has been promised to the fans.

Disney Hypes Up Multiversal Theme Park Attraction

At the 2022 D23 Fan Expo, during the Disney Legends Ceremony presentation, (announced later on Twitter) Disney CEO Bob Chapek arrived on stage and teased an expansion to Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure theme park. According to Chapek, this “sensational” new Marvel attraction will put fans in the paths of Multiversal heroes and villains.

Avengers Campus Multiverse

Here’s exactly what Chapek had to say, transcribed from a video captured by DLP Report.

”Today, I’m excited to announce that the Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure is going deeper into the Multiverse. To do that, we’re going to be expanding Avengers Campus. And the heart of this new area will be a sensational new attraction. Guests will be able to battle alongside superheroes and villains from anywhere. And there might even be some of you that are even aware of who these villains are. So, those of you attending tomorrow’s Josh D’amaro’s D23 presentation on Sunday will hear more about this from him, and along with Kevin Feige himself. And I know you’re going to absolutely love what they’ve got to say.”

A Ride Through the Marvel Multiverse

This new theme park attraction will see more details revealed at a later time, but it certainly seems exciting. And especially relevant, given that Marvel Studios will be neck-deep in its own Multiverse story arc by the time the attraction opens.

It’s important to note that while Avengers Campus does resemble the MCU with some of its design choices, it is not canon to any of Marvel Studios’ productions. Of course, that does offer the park’s storytelling a lot more freedom. For instance, the Campus reportedly exists in a Marvel universe where Thanos never snapped his fingers and the blip never occurred. 

It’s presently unknown exactly when this new expansion will open, but until then, parkgoing guests can still enjoy anything else that Avengers Campus has to offer.

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