First Look at Werewolf by Night’s Full-Body Appearance Revealed In Color

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Werewolf by Night Marvel Appearance

Marvel Studios took an entirely new direction with its most recent Disney+ entry, Werewolf by Night, the MCU's first official Special Presentation celebrating the Halloween season. Part of what made it so unique was delivering nearly the entire presentation in black & white rather than color, reminiscent of the early era of horror films, as the MCU pushed Gael Garcia Bernal into the spotlight as Werewolf by Night for the first time.

Even though the MCU's first Halloween Special actually takes place the most recently in the timeline, Werewolf by Night evoked memories of 1930s horror movies with its visuals and themes throughout. But with that being said, fans are still looking forward to seeing the MCU's newest antihero in full color.

The first look at Jack Russell in color came during Marvel Studios' weekend at the D23 Fan Expo, where the character was shown as part of a display for one of Disneyland's new MCU-based expansions. And now, thanks to a new piece of concept art, fans now have their first look at the official Marvel Studios version of the new werewolf.

Werewolf by Night In Full Color

Marvel Studios Werewolf by Night

Concept artist Billy Christian shared the first fully colored look at Gael Garcia Bernal's Jack Russell from Werewolf By Night: A Marvel Studios Special Presentation. This is only the second time the character, in his werewolf form, has been shown in color, only appearing in black and white during the special itself.

The werewolf is shown with this brown fur all over his shoulders along with pointed ears and sharp teeth, although he's still wearing his dark blue slacks.

Werewolf by Night

The fangs are seen even more prominently up close, along with the intricate white designs on his face that are visible in Gael Garcia Bernal's human form as well.

Werewolf by Night

Christian also included the following caption, expressing his shock at seeing that the entire special was presented in black and white:

"Werewolf by Night. My illustration for the new Halloween Special by Marvel Studios. This artwork will be used as a style guide. I didn't expect that they made the whole film black and white. If you're interested, give it a try!"

When Will Werewolf By Night Return in the MCU?

Werewolf by Night just had arguably the most unique introduction in MCU history by starring in the franchise's first-ever Special Presentation, which is said to be far from the last of its kind moving forward. He looked perfectly frightening in his black-and-white setting, and thanks to these images, fans know just how intimidating he looks fully colored and fleshed out.

Critics couldn't help but celebrate how incredible his debut was on Disney+, calling Werewolf by Night one of the MCU's best projects in its 14-year history. And now, the only big question remaining is where exactly fans will see Bernal's monster again in the future.

There are already calls to see him meet Moon Knight someday, as Oscar Isaac's hero actually first debuted in Marvel Comics alongside Werewolf by Night, and the franchise is continuing to expand on the supernatural side in other projects like Blade. But no matter where or when that happens, this new character is here to stay, hopefully with plenty more of Man-Thing beside him as well.

Werewolf By Night: A Marvel Studios Special Presentation is now streaming on Disney+.

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