Disney+ Just Re-Released 1 Beloved MCU Project In Historic Fashion

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A new way to re-experience a special MCU project just became available on Disney+.

While Marvel Studios has re-released IMAX versions of MCU films on the streamer before, Disney+'s latest Marvel project is unprecedented while also serving as a new way to experience a Marvel Studios Special Presentation

MCU Project Receives Disney+ Re-Release

Comparison of Werewolf by Night versions
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On October 20, Marvel Studios dropped an "In Color" version of Werewolf By Night on Disney+. 

Directed by celebrated composer Michael Giacchino, Werewolf by Night starred Gael García Bernal and Laura Donnelly and followed competing monster hunters up against a mysterious creature.  

Comparison of Gael Garcia Bernal in Werewolf by Night versions
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In addition to being Marvel Studios' first Special Presentation to be released, Werewolf by Night stood apart for its practical elements, old-school inspiration, and the fact it was largely shot in black and white. 

Now, a year later, Disney+ unveiled a colorized version of the season special which, as Michael Giacchino explained, offers audiences "a fun way to re-experience" Werewolf by Night:

"The B&W is still out there to enjoy. This was simply a fun way to revisit the movie and dabble in some horror color nerdery. It may not be for everyone, but I hope people take it for what it is, just a fun way to re-experience #werewolfbynight . The orig is still 1st in my heart."

Despite being a new version of the Special Presentation, it's important to note that the "In Color" Werewolf by Night offers the same story from the original project with no additional footage. 

It does, however, offer a fresh perspective of the Special Presentation's characters, creature design, and action sequences. 

Comparison of Werewolf by Night versions
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Still, not all fans felt this "In Color" version was necessary or an improvement upon the first. 

According to Giacchino, he made the color version as a way "to pay homage" to the "vibrant color in horror films:"

"We spent a lot of time working on this color version. We wanted to pay homage to the incredible vibrant color in horror films like the ones Hammer made. A whole new look for 'Werewolf by Night'"

Why Fans Should Celebrate New Werewolf by Night 

Regardless of whether fans prefer the original black-and-white Werewolf by Night or the new colorized version, it's fantastic to see Disney and Marvel giving new attention to a preexisting project and allowing a director to showcase his craft in a new way. 

With Marvel Studios reportedly shifting its Disney+ vision, preferring "serialized TV" instead of the "limited-series format," it will be interesting to see if past and future projects will receive similar treatments. 

Not only would this allow preexisting projects another turn in the spotlight, but with fewer MCU shows and films in the pipeline, special re-releases would help fill the void. 

Hopefully, Werewolf by Night's colorized re-release will succeed with fans on Disney+ and create further opportunities in the future. 

Both the color and black-and-white versions of Werewolf by Night are available to stream on Disney+.

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