Marvel Casts Coco Actor in MCU Disney+ Werewolf Project

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Gael Garcia, Marvel Werewolf Disney Plus, Coco

Disney+ has allowed for numerous story opportunities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it seems that the franchise will look to utilize the service to release a Halloween-centered project

It was previously rumored that such a project exists in Marvel Studios' long list of films and series, revolving around the Marvel Comics property Werewolf by Night. Two Marvel characters are associated with the monster, but rumors suggest that Jack Russell will be the basis of the live-action version. 

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Werewolf by Night is a character linked to Moon Knight, meaning that there's a good chance that he will first appear in the Oscar Isaac-led Disney+ series before heading toward his rumored spinoff special. 

Now, as Marvel Studios' projects continue to grow, more concrete information about the rumored Halloween special has been revealed. 

Marvel Studios Finds Its Halloween Star 

TheWrap shared that Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal will lead the cast of Marvel Studios' werewolf-focused Halloween special on Disney+. 

The Golden Globe-winning actor previously starred in M. Night Shyamalan's Old, Netflix's Wasp Network, and Pablo Larrain's Ema. The Latino actor's next project is HBO Max's Station Eleven, a series based on Emily St. John Mandel's hit novel. 

Bernal also portrayed Hector in 2017's Coco, where the actor famously sang the award-winning song "Remember Me."

TheWrap unveiled that the character "may be based" on Werewolf by Night, but full plot details are still being kept under wraps. 

The outlet also revealed that the Disney+ special is aiming to start production in early 2022. 

Werewolf by Night Sets His Sights on the MCU 

Werewolf by Night

This latest development should serve as a positive sign for Marvel Studios' planned Halloween special now that a leading actor is attached. 

After his impressive performance in 2017's Coco, many would agree that Gael Garcia Bernal has an impressive acting resume, essentially cementing his place as a notable addition to the roster of Marvel characters in the MCU. This is also on top of Marvel Studios' already established reputation when it comes to the casting department. 

It is still unknown if Bernal will play the Jack Russell iteration of the character or Marvel will lean towards the Jack Gomez persona of Werewolf by Night. 

Given that Bernal is a Mexican actor, it's likely that he would portray Gomez in the Halloween special, but it's worth pointing out that the character is a teenager in the comics. It's possible that Marvel Studios would mix both elements of Russell and Gomez for the monster spinoff. 

There's a strong chance that Werewolf by Night could be heavily teased in Moon Knight, especially considering the characters' connections in the comics. Doing this would allow fans to be more familiar with the character before launching his own story in the spinoff. 

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