Marvel’s Blade Fans Receive Disappointing Update on MCU Future

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Mahershala Ali, Marvel Studios

Mahershala Ali’s rebooted take on vampire hunter Blade has been a long time coming. The film was originally announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, but no other details were given at the time, other than Ali serving as the movie’s lead.

Blade will finally kick off production this fall after the start date was pushed back several times. But fans are champing at the bit to see the Daywalker in all his glory, espeically after Mahershala Ali made a voice-only cameo in Eternals.

Fans have been speculating how Blade could crop up in Marvel Studios’ Halloween special Werewolf by Night ever since a report from Cosmic Circus dropped online in March of this year claiming an appearance was in the cards. After all, the short film focuses on a group of monster hunters, so it would make perfect sense for the Blade character to be among them. However, hopes may now be dashed.

A Rumored Glaring Werewolf Omission

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A new rumor from the “Hot Scoop or Shot of Poop” segment of the Weekly Planet Podcast suggested that Blade was initially set to appear in Marvel’s Werewolf by Night, but Mahershala Ali couldn’t film it due to scheduling conflicts.

According to podcast host James Clement, the appearance is “not happening:”

“Anyway, here’s a scoop, Mason… Blade, I can’t prove this, was originally set to debut in a Halloween special but was cut due to scheduling conflicts… Monster hunter, goes to a monster house. Makes sense, love that. It’s not happening, apparently.”

Will Blade Appear Before His Solo Movie?

It’s important to note that the above is just a rumor. Still, with Werewolf by Night premiering in under a month, it would seem that this claim holds water.

It would be a shame if Blade didn’t show up in a special that seems tailor-made for an appearance by him. And especially after his voice was heard in Eternals, audiences are eager to see the character.

If he’s not in Werewolf by Night, with just a little over a year to go until his first solo adventure, it doesn’t seem particularly likely that Blade would pop up in another MCU project prior to that. However, with the MCU, a fair rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected.

There aren’t any confirmed plot details for Blade, but cast members, including veteran actor Delroy Lindo, have been tapped to star alongside Mahershala Ali in the movie. Many also speculate that Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman could make his presence known in Blade after his quick interaction with the vampire hunter in Eternals.

Marvel Studios’ first-ever special presentation, Werewolf by Night, will hit Disney+ on Friday, October 7, while Blade lands in theaters on November 3, 2023.

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