Mahershala Ali's Blade Rumored to Appear In [SPOILERS] Before His Own Movie

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to explore the supernatural by introducing new heroes such as Moon Knight, Blade, and Werewolf By Night. The latter will reportedly star in his own Halloween special on Disney+, with the character being portrayed by Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal (Coco). So far, information about the upcoming Marvel special has been tightly held under wraps, but notable tidbits have emerged in the past months. 

Given that not much is known about Werewolf By Night's debut, this has led fans to speculate on how the character will be introduced or if there will be other heroes who will join his adventure. For example, the titular werewolf is linked to Moon Knight in Marvel Comics, and this connection could serve as a hint that Marc Spector might appear in some way in the Halloween special. 

Now, it seems that another significant Marvel character is rumored to make his presence felt in Werewolf By Night

Blade Rumored to Appear in Werewolf by Night

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According to one of The Cosmic Circus' reliable sources, Mahershala Ali's Blade will first appear in the Werewolf By Night Halloween special on Disney+.

Will Blade's First On-Screen Appearance Happen on Disney+?

Although the Halloween special's production date has been slightly delayed, a previous report revealed that filming for the project would only take two to three weeks, thus hinting that a 2022 premiere date on the streaming service could be possible. If this happens, then this means that Mahershala Ali's Blade would first appear on Disney+ before eventually making the jump to the big screen for his solo theatrical debut.

Blade's appearance in Werewolf By Night makes sense, considering the supernatural ties of both characters. However, it remains to be seen if Blade will act as an ally or a foe to the titular werewolf. 

A previous casting report could hold the key to how Blade fits into the Halloween special's narrative. Deadline shared that Laura Donnelly joined the project as potentially Nina Prince aka Vampire By Night. 

Vampire By Night may hold a special place of power among the ranks of the vampire, who could be deemed untouchable. Blade's unexplored MCU history could hint that he might be holding back against powerful vampires unless major ramifications arise. 

There's a chance that Werewolf By Night will be outmatched by Nina Prince at first, forcing him to seek an ally that would eventually lead him to cross paths with Blade. Many would agree that a proper team-up between Werewolf By Night and Blade would be a visual treat since it allows the studio to push the former to the forefront while also giving fans a preview of the latter's powerful performance. 

The Werewolf By Night Halloween special on Disney+ is rumored to premiere later in 2022.

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