Will Moon Knight Season 2 Happen? Director Addresses Future of Show

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Moon Knight, Marvel Studios

Mohamed Diab, director of the MCU's Moon Knight on Disney+, spoke in a recent interview about the potential for a second season of the show.

The unconfirmed Moon Knight season 2 rumors have circulated for a while based on some substantial evidence, but a there’s been a lack of official confirmation of that news.

A post in August 2022 from Diab had said there was, at that point, "no talk about a future for the character yet." Then, in October, Oscar Isaac (Moon Knight) commented that "there have been some specific conversations," but the actor later clarified that "at the moment, there's no official word."

Despite the lack of any official Season 2 announcement, rumors continue to spread about the potential season — be it when it could release, or even a possible Kang the Conqueror connection fans could expect. However, those are all rumors about a season that has not been made official.

Moon Knight Director on the Show's Future

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

In an interview with Arabic Marvel, translated to English by The Cosmic Circus, Moon Knight director and executive producer Mohamed Diab confirmed that only six episodes of the show were promised from the start of development.

Diab explained that the decision for a guaranteed six episodes of Moon Knight came from Marvel, not himself, saying "Marvel had determined it from the first day." He added that "Loki is the only series they said will be in two parts from the first day:"

"Marvel had determined it from the first day. Marvel’s series projects are all six episodes except for special projects like 'WandaVision.' The usual format is six episodes. 'Loki' is the only series they said will be in two parts from the first day."

Diab continued, saying that Marvel is unique in that a show's future is not determined by that show's success. As he put it, "successful or not, [Marvel has] a plan:”

"Marvel’s way is not the usual way where if the project succeeds, I say let’s renew it for a second season. It’s their plan, successful or not, they have a plan.”

Then What About Moon Knight's Post-Credits Scene?

It is interesting that there was a cliff-hanger post-credits scene at the end of Moon Knight's first season, even though a continuation of the show was not guaranteed.

A post-credit scene like the one in Moon Knight's sixth episode implies a continuation — there is a major loose thread in Jake Lockley that was teased as something to be explored moving forward.

Granted, the fact that only six episodes were promised to the show does not mean there will never be more.

Since Loki was the only show confirmed to have a second season from the start, according to Diab, that implies What If...?  may not have had its upcoming second season promised. Despite that, the show included a cliff-hanger post-credit scene, which will be at least addressed in its now-confirmed second season.

Moon Knight is currently streaming on Disney+.

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