Marvel Spoils Steve Rogers' MCU Return With New 'What If' Merch (Photos)

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Steve Rogers, Marvel Studios, What If poster

Despite Steve Rogers’ time in the live-action MCU having passed, a new Marvel Legends figure shed light on the character’s return.

Many fans agree that Steve Rogers, the MCU’s first Captain America, got the happy ending he deserved in Avengers: Endgame, traveling back in time to be with one true love Peggy Carter. However, Marvel Studios’ animated series What If…? introduced a new, alternate take on the star-spangled Avenger.

What If…? brought in a Steve who wore a massive Iron Man-esque armor called the Hydra Stomper and fought with Peggy in World War II. A Hydra Stomper action figure was released by Hasbro in 2021 and now Hasbro has gone back to the well with the character.

Marvel Reveals Steve Rogers' Hydra Stomper 2.0

Hydra Stomper in What If…? Season 1
Marvel Studios

As originally teased back in Season 1 of Marvel’s What If…?, Steve Rogers and his Hydra Stomper suit were stored in a state of cryogenic preservation by Hydra on an alternate Earth, separate from the mainline MCU.

As the armor was shrouded in shadow during that first season appearance, fans weren’t really able to get a decent look at the upgraded Hydra Stomper. But the latest series of Hasbro’s popular Marvel Legends action figure line showed off a fresh look at Steve‘s design for What If…? Season 2.

The fully-articulated figure is made to reflect the Hydra Stomper’s look in the upcoming season of What If….? and, as such, could potentially be considered a spoiler.

Marvel Legends Hydra Stomper from What If…? Season 2

This Marvel Legends offering is actually a Build-A-Figure, meaning nearly every character in the wave comes packed with a part, be it an arm or a torso, that can be used to assemble the complete Hydra Stomper figure.

Marvel Legends Hydra Stomper figure

A swappable head sculpt featuring an unhelmeted Steve Rogers likeness is included. It’s done in a decidedly animated style, to match the source material, but it does still bear a bit of a resemblance to Chris Evans.

Marvel Legends Hydra Stomper figure

The Marvel Legends Hydra Stomper is scaled appropriately to other figures in the line, so it towers over regular-sized characters.

Below is a comparison between both looks for the armor, with the Season 1 incarnation on the left and Season 2 on the right.

Comparison between both versions of the Hydra Stomper
Marvel Studios

Pre-order the new Agatha Harkness Marvel Legends figure, which comes with the Hydra Stomper’s head and jetpack.

This particular series of Legends also contains a figure of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, however, he does not come with a Build-A-Figure piece.

When Can Fans Expect More What If…?

Right off the bat, it’s unfortunately unknown exactly when Marvel Studios and Disney+ will release the next season of What If…?

It was reportedly originally planned to drop earlier this year but was delayed after Marvel Studios had been rumored to shift its approach and prioritize quality over quantity. 

What is known though is that the animated MCU show’s second outing will obviously include more of Steve Rogers and his Hydra Stomper.

Perhaps his story will follow that of Bucky Barnes, meaning Rogers could be brainwashed and even pose a threat to the heroes.

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