Chris Evans' & Anthony Mackie's Captain Americas Pair Up In New Marvel Legends Collection

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Before the MCU became the global phenomenon it is today, Marvel Studios had to work its way to prominence with the iconic Marvel characters that didn't belong to studios like Fox and Sony. Helping start off this venture was Captain America, one of the longest-running heroes in history and a true symbol of hope and perseverance in the franchise's earliest days.

The character is also one of the pillars of the MCU through all four phases to date, with the mantle first being held by Chris Evans' Steve Rogers before he passed it on to Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson in Avengers: Endgame. Both heroes have gotten to wield the iconic vibranium shield on numerous occasions through the years, and it's clear that the MCU has no plans for Cap to fade into the background anytime soon. 

Through the years, Cap has also been featured in various collectible items from Marvel, both in terms of items promoting upcoming Captain America projects or paying tribute to the hero's MCU legacy. Now, the Marvel Legends series is continuing its own legacy with a new duo of purchases available to fans.

A Double Dose of Captain America

Entertainment Earth opened pre-orders for two new Captain America collectible sets. One features two figurines of Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson's Captain America while the other features Bucky Barnes' Winter Soldier, although all three models are old figures that have been revamped for the current state of the MCU.

Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie's Star-Spangled Men come as a duo, both featuring interchangeable hands, weapons, and heads. Steve Rogers' suit is based on his look in Avengers: Endgame while Sam Wilson's all-new suit from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier gets the spotlight on this figurine.

Marvel Legends Captain America
Marvel Legends

Pre-order Captain America Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers' Marvel Legends 2-Pack here.

Steve and Sam get their own revamped biography sections on the back of their packaging, which reads as follows:

SAM WILSON: "Wielding the shield and new wings from Wakanda, Sam Wilson takes up the mantle of Captain America to bring hope to an uncertain world."

STEVE ROGERS: Shaken by the events of Infinity War, Steve Rogers takes up the shield and mantle of Captain America once more to face Thanos."

Marvel Legends Captain America Packaging
Marvel Legends

Each Cap figurine comes with the option to have the hero with a helmeted head or one that shows their entire face.

Marvel Legends Captain America Figurines
Marvel Legends

Sam Wilson's new version of Cap shows off every intricate detail of his new Wakanda battle suit from Episode 5 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, although the massive wings are notably absent.

Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Captain America
Marvel Legends

Both figures are able to articulate into numerous positions, as seen with Steve Rogers' version below. Some of the characters' classic poses from the movies can be recreated in the real world.

Marvel Legends Captain America Steve Rogers
Marvel Legends

Along with both Captains, Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier gets the spotlight in his own refurbished action figure. The model comes with Bucky's classic knife, a gun, and two different heads - one with a mask and one without.

Marvel Legends Winter Soldier
Marvel Legends

Pre-order Winter Soldier's Flashback The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Marvel Legends figure here.

Bucky's biography also finds itself with an upgrade in this packaging, which reads as follows:

"Though Bucky Barnes has fought to become himself again, in his darkest nightmares his greatest fear comes to life...that he is still the Winter Soldier!"

Marvel Legends Winter Soldier Packaging
Marvel Legends

Bucky's weapons are interchangeable in his hands as he fully embodies his Winter Soldier persona.

Marvel Legends Winter Soldier Figurine
Marvel Legends

The Captain America and Winter Soldier figurines will be available in May 2022, and pre-orders are open for both items now:

Continuing to Carry the Stars and Stripes

These two purchases come in quite the timely fashion just a few months after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finished its first season on Disney+. With Sam and Bucky now taking over the legacy Steve Rogers built through the Infinity Saga, these figurines will only serve to add a new level of cool factor to any collection.

Although it's unclear when these heroes' next appearance in the MCU will come, Captain America will continue to make his presence felt as Phase 4 continues.

Mackie is already set to star in the untitled Captain America 4, although the movie is still in the earliest stages of development with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier head writer Malcolm Spellman penning the script. Fans and crew alike are hoping for Stan to don the metal arm of Bucky Barnes again in this movie, although his next movie or show isn't set in stone yet.

These collectibles will help pass the time until the characters make their MCU returns, although more details could come on that front before fans get their hands on the figures in May 2022.

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March 19, 2021
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