Marvel Reveals Why Steve Rogers Gets New Iron Man Suit In What If Show

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Marvel Studios is moving full speed ahead with preparations for its next Disney+ entry What If...?, whose first episode will be available to stream on August 11.

With the show less than a couple of weeks away, the promotional tour is doing its best to tease the MCU fandom with new material while keeping the majority of the plot a mystery. This has been pushed forward not only with short new teaser trailers, but also by toy and merchandise leaks highlighting some major players in this retrospective.

Funko Pops! have helped lead the way in this endeavor, with more than half a dozen new figurines centered on characters like Doctor Strange Supreme, T'Challa Star Lord, and even Chris Hemsworth's Party Thor. Hasbro recently jumped on this bandwagon as well by releasing figurines depicting Jeffrey Wright's Watcher, Zombies, and multiple versions of Spider-Man.

The merchandising is continuing from yet another major player in the game, this one even teasing plot details for its material as well.


Marvel Legends released images of two figurines depicting Captain Carter and the HYDRA Stomper, which will be featured in the debut episode of Marvel Studios' What If...?. The images also include descriptions for both characters and their stories in the MCU's first animated series, and can be seen below:

"In the universe you know, Steve Rogers was the first Avenger, Captain America. In this universe, Steve is injured and fights in “The Hydra Stomper,” an Iron Man armor created by Howard Stark."

The Hydra Stomper
Marvel Legends

"With the super soldier program in peril, Peggy Carter bravely participates by becoming Captain Carter."

Captain Carter Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends



These two Legends figurines confirm rumors pointing to the details being a part of Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers' stories in What If...?, which will spin a new take on Captain America: The First Avenger. With Steve unable to fight due to an undisclosed injury, Peggy steps into a true hero's moment by becoming a super soldier herself and fighting the Nazi villains head on. 

This particular story is one that's been teased since the promotional tour for What If...? began even before last year's Disney Investor's Day event, setting Peggy up to play a major role in this show's alternative Avengers team.

Footage has showcased Peggy going through the same process as Steve to take the serum before putting her skills to the test against trucks and artillery alike. The Hydra Stomper has seen its fair share of action too, with Peggy jumping on its back and taking an epic flight through the clouds to an unknown destination.

The biggest questions remaining are how Peggy finds herself alongside Doctor Strange Supreme and wrapped in the tentacles of Shuma Gorath as the show evolves. With no signs pointing to how the episodes will connect with one another, there are still plenty of details left to unravel for one of the MCU's most iconic couples in Peggy and Steve.

What If...? will begin streaming on Disney+ on August 11, 2021.

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