MCU Leak Reveals Funko For Captain Carter & Steve Rogers' HYDRA Stomper

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Peggy Carter Hydra Stomper MCU Funko

Marvel Studios’ What If…? is quickly approaching, and fans are eager to learn more about the MCU’s animated anthology. 

One focal point of the streaming series' marketing is Peggy Carter being injected with the Super Soldier Serum and becoming Captain Carter. Because of this, Steve Rogers finds a different way to join the fight and gears up in a suit of heavy armor called the Hydra Stomper

It seems that Hayley Atwell’s British badass will appear in multiple episodes of What If…?, and it’s rumored that she may even appear in live-action as part of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness next March. 

Captain Carter is being primed as a big player in Marvel’s near future, and it seems they're putting plenty of emphasis on this Variant of Peggy's MCU debut with yet another special Funko figure. 


HYDRA Stomper

Twitter user @dis_trackers shared images of a new Deluxe Funko Pop! made for Marvel Studios’ What If…? that depicts an exciting scene with Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers. 

The Funko figure resembles a moment already seen in promotional footage showing a Super-Solider-Serum-infused Captain Carter riding atop the HYDRA Stomper armor that Steve Rogers will helm. 

Don’t let this shop’s hefty price tag come as a scare, as it’ll likely be listed at $25 retail price before resellers like this one get their hands on it. 

This Funko Pop! Deluxe will reportedly only be available for purchase via Amazon in the US. An out-of-box image of the product can be viewed below, courtesy of @abbernaffy_customs on Instagram: 



This What If...? moment of Captain Carter and the HYDRA Stomper flying high has been seen in several different forms now, as it was already revealed in a promotional trailer and is also included on a Funko t-shirt in the Marvel Collector Corps subscription box.

Marvel is clearly putting a lot of emphasis on this specific animated adventure, leading fans to expect this moment to be a pivotal one for the streaming series. 

As for what exactly Captain Carter and the HYDRA Stomper are pursuing in this exciting ariel sequence is unknown, but the name of Steve Rogers' bulky suit gives fans a good guess. With Red Skull potentially making his MCU return in Marvel's first animated outing, Peggy and Steve could be on their way to stop HYDRA's top dog and his tyrannical quest for ultimate power with the Tesseract. 

Find out more about Captain Carter and the HYDRA Stomper when Marvel Studios' What If...? debuts on August 11 exclusively on Disney+. 

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