Doctor Strange 2: First Look at New Villain Possibly Revealed In Marvel's What If Trailer

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Even with two new Phase 4 MCU entries on the brink of debuting on Disney+ and in theaters, fans have flocked to watch the second full trailer for Marvel Studios' first animated show What If...? coming to Disney+.

Taking a dive into the history of Marvel's Infinity Saga, the MCU's first 23 movies will see a new twist on their overarching story with key details changed to bring something new and different. This includes events like Erik Killmonger saving Tony Stark at the beginning of Iron Man along with Captain Peggy Carter meeting a new version of Doctor Strange.

The biggest question that remains surrounding What If...? is if it will connect in any way to its live-action MCU companions, especially since it's focused solely on events from the last 13 years of storytelling. This presumably meant that none of Phase 4's high-profile outings or characters would play a role in the show, even including sequels for Infinity Saga characters.

Thanks to some sneaky clips in the recently released trailer, that way of thinking may have to change quickly.


The second full trailer for Marvel Studios' What If...? showcased more of Captain Peggy Carter in action, this time next to this universe's Doctor Strange. 

Captain Carter, Doctor Strange Supreme
Marvel Studios

The Disney+ series is set to feature the Doctor Strange Supreme character alongside the MCU's classic version of Stephen Strange. 

Captain Carter Sword of Might
Marvel Studios

Captain Carter is also seen wielding what appears to be the Sword of Might in one hand as she holds her version of the Captain America shield in her other hand.

Captain Carter, Shuma Gorath
Marvel Studios

Peggy uses the Sword of Might to hold herself off from something with giant green tentacles pulling her in. Although not confirmed, the appearance of this creature and the multiversal context of the show points to it being Shuma-Gorath, who is rumored to be the main antagonist in 2022's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Shuma Gorath
Marvel Comics



Just when fans got comfortable with everything thrown their way by Marvel Studios, this trailer takes yet another assumption and throws it straight into another part of the multiverse.

When it was revealed that Marvel Studios' first animated series would focus on a new take on the franchise's first 23 theatrical movies, one theory was that it wouldn't be canon with those movies and the ones that follow. However, the potential that Shuma-Gorath is in this series could change this idea, giving fans yet another unexpected twist in Phase 4.

Shuma-Gorath is known as an omnipotent and supernatural being that can travel through the multiverse, having ruled over multiple dimensions in his millennia existing in the universe. Given how much trouble he's likely to cause in his first live-action outing, he could do some serious damage in an animated setting as well.

This also opens up the possibilities that What If...? will actually play a key role in the MCU's overarching timeline considering Shuma-Gorath is involved. How that will happen is still unclear, but it's certainly exciting and will bring the excitement to new levels for this ten-episode adventure.

What If...? will premiere on Disney+ on August 11, 2021.

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