Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Receives New Funko for MCU What If Show

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Thor Funko Party Chris Hemsworth

Marvel Studios' What If...? is the next big MCU release on the horizon, and fans can't wait for its Disney+ debut on August 11. 

Funko recently revealed their first wave of Pops! for the Disney+ show, which gave fans a great look at several characters like T'Challa Star-Lord and Doctor Strange Supreme. A recent leak even revealed that fans will meet a new iteration of Black Widow in What If...? following an apocalyptic event

But one character in particular - Thor, the God of Thunder - was left out of the toymaker's marketing, leaving many fans scratching their heads as to whether the highly-talked-about Party Thor (who will be voiced by Chris Hemsworth himself) would also get the Funko treatment. 

However, in perfect Thor fashion, the Asgardian has now found his place among the What If...? Funko lineup - taking the Pop! spotlight for himself. 


As part of Walmart Collector Con 2021, Funko has unveiled a new Pop! made for Marvel Studios' What If...? featuring Chris Hemsworth's Party Thor. 

Party Thor Funko, What If…?

Donning new black-and-gold Asgardian threads with his iconic red cape, and holding a drink in one hand while casually twirling his trusty Mjolnir in the other, this presumably younger Thor is much more reminiscent of his early MCU days. 

Party Thor Marvel
Marvel merchandise

This new Party Thor Funko Pop! will only be available via Walmart in the US. 


An earlier report shed some light on what Party Thor's episode of What If...? will entail, describing it as Thor coming to Earth to throw a giant party that could end up endangering human life.

MCU diehards know that it isn't uncommon for an Asgardian to take a trip down to Midgard for some harmless fun, but this extravagant party that the Odinson has planned will have far worse implications than intended. 

As for what exactly the God of Thunder is celebrating, it could be that this is his way of letting loose following some trouble at home. It's been teased throughout the Thor franchise that he had a tendency to visit Earth simply to show off his might - which prompted some humans to praise him as a god. So, this may be nothing more than Thor feeding his ego or blowing off some Asgardian steam following another heated family quarrel. 

Find out more about Party Thor when Marvel Studios' What If...? debuts on August 11 exclusively on Disney+. 

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