Doctor Strange, Gamora & More MCU Characters Receive New Funkos From Marvel's What If...?

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Doctor Strange Gamora Funkos What If

The promotional stint for Marvel Studios' What If...? has finally begun with a new trailer and an official release date of August 11. With the show only being a month away, it's time for the merchandise for the streaming series to start making its way out into the world. 

Of course, a lot of What If...?'s merch — specifically in the form of Funko Pops! — leaked ahead of the official reveal, giving fans a look at several concepts from the show such as King Killmonger, Doctor Strange Supreme, and even T'Challa Star-Lord

Luckily, that wasn't all that Funko would have to offer for this unique Marvel project as they've now announced the full initial line of Pops!.


Following the release of a new trailer and promotional poster for Marvel Studios' What If...?, Funko has officially announced the new line of Pops! that is now available for preorder. 

What If...? Funkos

The common line of Funko figures that will be available at a variety of retailers includes Captain Carter, Gamora: Daughter of Thanos, T'Challa Star-Lord, Doctor Strange Supreme, and a super-sized The Hydra Stomper Pop!.

All five of these Funko Pops! are available for preorder now

What If...? Funkos

The Funko lineup for What if...? also includes several retailer-exclusive Pops!, featuring a metallic version of the common T'Challa Star-Lord that is exclusive to BoxLunch. King Killmonger will only be available at Target, and another variation of T'Challa Star-Lord without his helmet can only be found at FYE.

Additionally, a secondary Captain Carter will be made available at GameStop, and a glow-in-the-dark variant of the Doctor Strange Supreme Funko Pop! can only be ordered via Amazon. 

Doctor Strange Supreme What If...? Funko

Sporting an entirely different look from what he's had since his first MCU appearance in 2016's Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme is practicing something much darker than what fans have been accustomed to through his four MCU outings. 

Preorder the new Doctor Strange Supreme Funko Pop! here

Hydra Stomper What If...? Funko

Speaking of new looks, Steve Rogers couldn't appear any more different than he does in what's expected to be What If...?'s debut episode. Doing his best to join the fight in any way he can, he'll be operating the giant Hydra Stomper armor alongside the super soldier Captain Peggy Carter. 

Preorder the new The Hydra Stomper Funko Pop! here

T'Challa Star-Lord What If...? Funko

Perhaps the most highly-anticipated episode in What If...? is the one featuring Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa taking up the Star-Lord mantle. The new trailer showed plenty of action from the new hero, adding further credence to the possibility of T'Challa Star-Lord appearing across multiple installments of the streaming series. 

Preorder the new T'Challa Star-Lord Funko Pop! here

Gamora: Daughter of Thanos What If...? Funko

Gamora, Daughter of Thanos is another intriguing idea. Donning a new suit but still wielding her trusty sword, fans may get to see an even fiercer Gamora than what's been seen in the MCU thus far. 

Preorder the new Gamora, Daughter of Thanos Funko Pop! here

Captain Carter What If...? Funko

Captain Carter is another character that will likely show up more than once, as she has been shown in promotional footage to be in both the World War II era and conversing with Doctor Strange Supreme in modern day. The UK's first super soldier is sure to bring some new, exciting adventures to the Disney+ show. 


Perhaps the most exciting notion of this new Funko collection is that many of the most intriguing ideas in Marvel Studios' What If...? are included in Pop! form and will be widely available to fans. For instance, T'Challa Star-Lord in a flying pose may be one of the coolest Funkos Pops! to ever be made for a Marvel Studios project, and since it is included in the common lineup of figures, preordering the Wakandan Ravager should be a breeze

What's also intriguing is that many of the characters featured in this Funko announcement may cross paths in the animated Disney+ show. The new trailer for What If...? has already shown Doctor Strange Supreme interacting with Captain Carter — two characters that few probably expected to share the streaming screen. The possibilities for Marvel's first animated foray are truly endless. 

Although there are already ten Pop! figures included in this announcement, there's still plenty material to pull from if Funko is given the green light to add onto this lineup. Typically, the Marvel Disney+ shows release their Funko Pops! gradually as the show progresses each week, so it's very exciting that Funko is announcing and making available for preorder ten separate figures right off the bat. 

For instance, collectors already know that a Walmart-exclusive Party Thor Pop! is on the way, and there could be even more with unique ideas like Spider-Man wearing Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation and Vision encased within an Infinity-Stone-bedazzled Ultron body.

Additionally, fans know that this Funko-fied version of Gamora isn't even the only Daughter of Thanos that will be featured in the Disney+ show as she'll be sporting Thanos' armor and weaponry when she teams up with the series' multiversal iteration of the Avengers. Plus, Jeffrey Wright's The Watcher seems to be playing arguably the biggest part in What If...?, so fans should also expect his character to get the Funko treatment by the end of the show's ten-episode run as well. 

Marvel Studios' What If...? debuts exclusively on Disney+ on August 11. 

Preorder the new Doctor Strange Supreme Funko Pop! here

Preorder the new The Hydra Stomper Funko Pop! here

Preorder the new T'Challa Star-Lord Funko Pop! here

Preorder the new Gamora, Daughter of Thanos Funko Pop! here

Preorder the new Captain Carter Funko Pop! here

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