MCU: New Funkos for Blue Loki, Killmonger's Ultron Armor & More Revealed From Marvel's What If

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Ultron, Killmonger, Loki, What If Funkos

The first season of Marvel Studios' What If...? has been fully released, and that means there's nothing left to spoil from the debut season. 

Because of this, marketing for the show will be able to use just about anything and everything included in the animated anthology without having to worry about giving away any major plot points or big surprises for Marvel fans. 

This also means that Marvel can ramp up its merchandise production for the series and give fans their new favorite characters in the form of all sorts of different collectibles. That includes the Funko lineup for the show, which has already grown to over two-dozen Pops!

But similar to the Multiverse explored in the series, the Funko collection for What If...? seems to just keep expanding. 

More Funko Pops for Marvel's What If...? 

Gamora, Loki, Killmonger, Captain Carter

Funko officially unveiled an additional set of Funko Pops! for its What If...? collection, and they are available for pre-order now. 

This expansion includes Captain Carter in her stealth suit, Loki as a Frost Giant, Gamora in her Mad Titan armor, and Erik Killmonger wearing Ultron's armor with the Infinity Stones. 

Captain Carter stealth suit, What If
Marvel Studios

One of the more recognizable MCU looks in What If...? came with the season finale as Captain Carter geared up for the same stealth mission that fans saw Steve Rogers embark on at the beginning of 2014's Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

To go with the familiar setting, Peggy was also decked out in a British version of Cap's stealth suit seen in the film, which is displayed quite nicely in this variant of the Captain Carter Funko Pop! 

Captain Carter Stealth Suit Funko, What If

Pre-order the new Captain Carter Funko Pop! here. 

Frost Giant Loki, What If
Marvel Studios

What If...? certainly has its fair share of exciting moments for Marvel fans, but one of its best offerings was getting to see Loki as a true Frost Giant in Episode 7, titled "What If... Thor Was an Only Child?" In that universe, Odin never brought him to Asgard to raise him as his own, so Loki grew up in Jotunheim as the rightful icy prince to Laufey's throne. 

Despite getting his own Disney+ series to continue his decade-long MCU tenure, the audience sees a whole new side of Loki as a Frost Giant, and Funko is celebrating this moment by making him available to add to the Pop! collection. 

Frost Giant Loki Funko, What If

Pre-order the new Frost Giant Loki Funko Pop! here. 

Infinity Killmonger, What If
Marvel Studios

Another big surprise hidden within What If...? came in the final episode when Erik Killmonger did what he does best: a classic double-cross. 

Despite hardly contributing to the battle at all, Killmonger approached Ultron's body after he had been defeated and took his armor and his Infinity Stones. 

This moment was one of What If...?'s biggest twists, and Marvel is capitalizing on the fan-favorite villain making a move that we all should've seen coming. 

Infinity Killmonger Funko, What If

Pre-order the new Infinity Killmonger Funko Pop! here. 

Gamora, What If
Marvel Studios

Although fans don't get to see the episode that explains this What If...? scenario until Season 2, Gamora with the Blade of Thanos still made the cut for the Season 1 finale. Joining up with the rest of The Watcher's Guardians of the Multiverse, Gamora is shown using the same armor and weapon as the Mad Titan in 2019's Avengers: Endgame

It's assumed that Gamora killed her father Thanos and took his place to right the wrongs he had committed throughout the galaxy, but fans won't know for sure until she shows up in the next batch of animated episodes. 

Nevertheless, Gamora has found her way into What If...?'s Funko collection for the second time despite only being featured at length in the final episode. Buy your Gamora stock now, because it seems that Marvel has big plans for the fierce Daughter of Thanos. 

Gamora Funko, What If

Pre-order the new Gamora Funko Pop! here. 

What If Funkos

On top of these four Funko releases, five more Pops! have also been announced as retailer exclusives for What If...?

These additions include Ravager Thanos and Zola Vision, which will both be exclusive to Target stores in the U.S. 

Also featured is The Watcher in his battle armor, which can only be found on Funko’s online store. A variation of Infinity Killmonger with his hand up will also be exclusive to the Funko Shop, and Infinity Ultron holding his double-sided spear will be available for purchase via GameStop. 

Pre-order the new Captain Carter Funko Pop! here. 

Pre-order the new Frost Giant Loki Funko Pop! here. 

Pre-order the new Erik Killmonger Funko Pop! here. 

Pre-order the new Gamora Funko Pop! here.

An Ever-Expanding MCU Funko Collection 

With the Funko lineup for What If...? already exceeding twenty Pops! for its nine-episode run, these additions come as a pleasant surprise to MCU collectors. 

Three out of four of these characters added already exist in the What If...? collection, with Loki being the only newcomer to the line. Even so, it's exciting to see that both Gamora and Captain Carter will be featured in the suits they wore throughout the season finale. 

Regarding the new Killmonger figures, his finale Funko Pop! was already released in Target stores across the U.S. before the show even began. It's safe to say that no one expected to get another one - especially not one of Killmonger wearing Ultron's armor and wielding the Infinity Stones. If there was ever a spoiler-y Pop! made for this series, it's Erik Killmonger's "final form." 

As for the retailer-specific Funko figures added, the Infinity Killmonger and Infinity Ultron are only slight variations of the common Pops! in the collection, but they show off more exciting action poses for the What If...? characters. 

The Watcher is a welcome addition to the Pop! collection, as many fans were confused about why he was not included in the What If...? Funko series right off the bat. Uatu wearing his battle armor is arguably his most memorable scene in the series' first season, so hopefully, this is enough for fans to forget that he wasn't added to the lineup until after the Season 1 finale. 

Ravager Thanos is also a pleasant surprise, as it was also arguably one of the best subplots in any What If...? episode. Arnim Zola controlling The Vision's body was also a surprise twist for fans, and collectors everywhere will be delighted that the Guardians of the Multiverse's master plan for success has also been Funko-fied. 

All episodes of Marvel Studios' What If...? are available to stream on Disney+. 

Pre-order the new Captain Carter Funko Pop! here. 

Pre-order the new Frost Giant Loki Funko Pop! here. 

Pre-order the new Erik Killmonger Funko Pop! here. 

Pre-order the new Gamora Funko Pop! here.

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