Black Panther's Ramonda Receives New Funko Celebrating Dora Milaje Time From Marvel's What If

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Black Panther Ramonda Funko Pop

The MCU's first animated series on Disney+, What If...?, has offered interesting takes on familiar stories within the franchise. From lighthearted stories such as T'Challa replacing Peter Quill as Star-Lord all the way up to darker adventures like Doctor Strange losing the love of his life over and over again, the show has done its job on what it is attempting to accomplish.

What If...? has taken the same approach as Loki when it comes to its release. New episodes premiere on Disney+ every Wednesday, and with so many wild storylines and different versions of characters that fans know and love being on-screen, Funko has taken the opportunity to release new additions to their line of Pops! from the show.

Following the fifth What If...? episode, "What If...? Zombies?!," Funko made five brand-new Pops! available for pre-order, showcasing Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon as zombies along with the zombie-hunting version of Spider-Man.

With the sixth episode of the series now on Disney+, it looks as though Funko will be adding yet another character to its line of Pops!, this time being one of Wakandan royalty.

Funko Announces Release of What If...?'s Ramonda

Angela Bassett made her return to the MCU in the latest episode of Marvel Studios' What If...?. Following the release of the episode, Funko officially announced that her character will be added to its growing Pop! collection from the Disney+ series.

Ramonda Funko

Pre-order the new Queen General Ramonda Funko Pop! here.

Ramonda, What If...
Marvel Studios

Queen Ramonda, the mother of T'Challa, is at the head of her army in What If...?'s newest episode, "What If Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?"

The Future of Funko and What If...?

Funko created one of the biggest merchandise brands in all of pop culture, specifically with its Pop! line. Almost every major project, whether it be in film, television, or even video games, gets a 3.75-inch-tall vinyl figure made of its core characters.

Seeing how Marvel has been the biggest studio in the entertainment industry's past 10 years, it only makes sense for Funko to continue releasing these figures as new episodes come out. What is truly impressive about these scheduled releases, however, is just how in-tune the two companies are with one another.

Funko obviously works extremely closely with Marvel on a weekly basis to get these designs and pre-orders out in a timely fashion. As long as fans continue to buy the high-quality product that Funko puts out, it is incredibly likely that the two companies' partnership will continue in the foreseeable future.

As for the future of What If...?, collectors can rest assured that there will almost definitely be even more Pops! released in the coming weeks as the first season of the show wraps up.

The first six episodes of What If...? are currently available to stream exclusively on Disney+, and new episodes premiere every Wednesday.

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