Spider-Man, Captain America & More MCU Zombies Receive New Funkos From Marvel's What If

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Marvel Studios' What If...? has taken the world by storm, becoming the highest-fan-rated Marvel TV show to ever air. 

This is largely because the new animated series has become an outlet for Marvel to explore the wildest possibilities with their characters, including an evil Doctor Strange and a murderous Hank Pym. 

The most recent episode of What If...? introduced another unique idea not yet explored in the MCU — Marvel Zombies. And with how well the latest installment was received, Marvel teamed up with Funko once again to reveal the latest addition to the streaming series' line of merch. 

Funko Adds MCU Zombies for What If...?

Zombie Funkos What If

Following the fifth installment in Marvel Studios' What If...? titled "What If... Zombies?!," Funko unveiled a new addition to its collection for the streaming series featuring some fan-favorite elements of the show. 

Zombie Captain America Funko, What If

Captain America led the Avengers' charge against the zombie apocalypse but was almost immediately taken down by a shrunken, zombified Hank Pym that bit him on the neck the moment he stepped off the Quinjet in San Francisco. 

Pre-order the new Zombie Captain America Funko Pop! here. 

Zombie Falcon Funko, What If

Zombie Falcon is another unique addition to the Funko collection for What If...?. He was only featured briefly in the show's fifth episode, but he would have given Bucky Barnes the undead bug if it wasn't for Okoye's last-second save. 

Pre-order the new Zombie Falcon Funko Pop! here. 

Zombie Scarlet Witch Funko, What If

Probably the biggest surprise that came with the newest episode of What If...? was Zombie Scarlet Witch, who was too powerful to be cured by The Vision's Mind Stone. 

Pre-order the new Zombie Scarlet Witch Funko Pop! here. 

Zombie Iron Man Funko, What If

One of the first zombies shown in this crazy MCU adventure was Zombie Iron Man, who had Bruce Banner thinking there was nothing wrong until he watched Stark take a bite right out of the Black Order. 

Pre-order the new Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop! here. 

Zombie Hunter Spider-Man Funko, What If

Peter Parker was burdened with the insane responsibility of curing the world of the zombie apocalypse, so it only makes sense that he is also included in the new Funko line as Zombie Hunter Spidey. 

Pre-order the new Zombie Hunter Spidey Funko Pop! here. 

Zombie Funko Pop Keychains, What If

Some of these Marvel Zombies from What If...? will also be available in Pop! Keychain form for fans that want their zombified Avengers on the go. 

Pre-order the Zombie Captain America Pop! Keychain here. 

Pre-order the Zombie Iron Man Pop! Keychain here. 

Pre-order the Zombie Falcon Pop! Keychain here. 

Pre-order the Zombie Hunter Spidey Pop! Keychain here. 

Also included in this expansion to the Funko collection is an unmasked Zombie Hunter Spidey Pop! that can only be found at Hot Topic in the U.S., as well as one with a metallic finish that will only be sold at Walmart. 

Collectors will also be able to find a Zombie Doctor Strange at Target and a glow-in-the-dark Zombie Iron Man exclusively on Amazon. 

Pre-order the collection of Zombie What If...? Funkos now. 

Zombies Take Over MCU Funkos 

This is a huge expansion to an already-vast collection of Funko Pops! for What If...?. Marvel is truly going all out to ensure fans can get their hands on all of their favorite elements of the new streaming series in merchandise form. 

This makes sense as some of the most fun and unique ideas have come from What If...? in animated form, such as T'Challa Star-Lord and Captain Carter. It's exciting to see that the fans of the MCU zombies will also get to collect the zombified characters they loved the most. 

With how much emphasis is being put on this MCU zombie apocalypse, expect to see the subject revisited in Marvel's new animated arena on Disney+ — possibly when Season 2 releases next year. 

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