Alligator Loki, Classic Loki, and More Lokis Receive New Funkos From Latest Disney+ Episode

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Loki Alligator Classic Funkos

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Loki.

Following Episode 5, titled "Journey Into Mystery," Marvel Studios' Loki left fans on yet another cliffhanger, but not before introducing what has become some fans' favorite elements of the Disney+ show so far. 

Several new Loki Variants were introduced in the fifth installment of the streaming series, including Loki in the form of a kid, an old man, a presidential candidate, and an alligator. 

With all these iterations of the god of Mischief being so well-received, Marvel has decided to capitalize on their efforts to give fans as many Lokis as they can. 


Marvel has unveiled more merchandise for Disney+'s Loki following the release of Episode 5, including new Funko Pops! for several Loki Variants featured in the show's fifth installment. Many new MCU Funko Pops! are now available for pre-order!

President Loki Funko

First up is the briefly featured President Loki Variant, who seemingly won the popular vote as ruler over The Void. Good to see he made his Funko feature while he still had both of his hands. This President Loki figure is now available for pre-order.

Kid Loki Funko

Kid Loki also gets his moment in the Pop! spotlight as the true ruler over the kingdom that Loki's Episode 5 explores. Wielding the sword that he conjures out of this air, this Loki seems to be the fiercest of them all as he admitted to killing his own brother Thor. This Kid Loki figure is now available for pre-order.

Also included on his shoulder is the new fan-favorite Alligator Loki, further asserting that he goes where Kid Loki goes. 

 Classic Loki Funko

Richard E. Grant's Classic Loki is up next, standing tall and proud as he's made it the furthest in life out of any Loki Variant featured in the Disney+ show. This is a fitting tribute to the aged God of Mischief as he is the only Loki to give up his life for the greater good thus far. 

Alligator Loki Funko

On top of being featured on the shoulder of Kid Loki, Alligator Loki also gets his own three-inch vinyl Funko figure. It's safe to say that this Pop! is sure to sell better than the rest as the Asgardian reptile immediately shot to the top of everyone's list of favorites. 


The reveal of these four Funko figures nearly doubles the size of the already-announced Pop! collection for Marvel Studios' Loki, giving fans exactly what they were looking for as the Disney+ series nears its end. 

President Loki was utilized heavily in promotional footage for this Disney+ outing, making it even more hilarious that he got the boot within minutes of his arrival in the series. Even still, it's great to have a Variant of Loki that the people actually seemed to get behind — until it all went down the drain, that is. 

Alligator Loki, on the other hand, is sure to be an instant hit, just as he was upon appearing in Episodes 4 and 5 of Loki. There's no telling whether he'll be seen again before the show finishes its six-episode streaming run, but hopefully fans haven't seen the last of him as he and Kid Loki made their escape before Alioth made a meal out of Richard E. Grant's Classic Loki. 

The first five episodes of Marvel Studios' Loki are available to stream on Disney+. 

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