Loki Season 2: Disney+ Hints at Returning Characters With New Survey

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After three successful live-action series, it's safe to say Marvel Studios is finding plenty of success with its experimental venture into the episodic streaming format. Disney+ has truly opened the door for the MCU to try new things with classic heroes, including sending Tom Hiddleston's Loki on a time-traveling mission to bring freedom to all reality.

Following six highly-acclaimed episodes of sci-fi goodness, Loki viewers were left on a dramatic cliffhanger as the multiverse began forming with the God of Mischief stranded in an alternate TVA.

As had long been reported, the finale wasn't the end for the Asgardian's solo antics on Disney+ as confirmation came that Loki will return for Season 2. While Kate Herron won't be returning to fill the directing chair once again, it seems much of the on-screen cast will, based on new evidence. 


Loki Season 2

In a recent report from The Cosmic Circus, Lizzie Hill cited information from her trusted sources that a survey was recently sent to some Disney+ subscribers to gather viewer opinions on where several Loki characters should go next.

The characters listed across the survey reportedly include Loki, Mobius, Sylvie, Ravonna, Hunter B-15, Miss. Minutes, Kid Loki, and Johnathon Majors' He Who Remains.

One question asked respondents to rate their interest in seeing several characters from Loki return in “future shows/movies from Marvel Studios,” suggesting some of the time-traveling heroes could return in other MCU franchises:

“How interested are you in seeing each of these characters from Loki in future shows/movies from Marvel Studios?” 

Another section drew specific focus to Loki's second season as it asked what they “hope will happen to” several of the characters featured in Season 1:

“Thinking specifically about the following characters featured in the first season of Loki, what do you hope will happen to them in season 2 of Loki?” 

As the follow-up season undergoes pre-production, likely preparing for a 2022 shoot, the creative team may be seeking some inspiration from fans to ensure Season 2 is just as much of a crowd-pleaser as the first.


As expected, it sounds as if fans can expect all of Loki's central cast to reprise their roles in the second season. The inclusion of Jack Veal's Kid Loki in the survey is certainly a notable one as it suggests Marvel is looking to involve him in future episodes.

The studio is seemingly looking to assemble the Young Avengers in the near future, with most of the team making their live-action debut across this year's MCU Disney+ series. Perhaps Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are looking to determine whether the young God of Mischief is a good fit for the team or if he should be left to wander the Void.

Meanwhile, Richard E. Grant's Classic Loki and the Alligator Loki Variant were left absent from the questionnaire, suggesting their stories may be complete. Given Grant's Thanos-tricking God of Mischief sacrificed himself to help the Lokis enchant Alioth, it isn't entirely surprising that his story may finish there

While he may have quickly turned into a viral sensation and a fan favorite, the Alligator Asgardian was primarily used for comedic effect within the series' fifth episode. However, the positive reception towards the mischievous reptile could push Marvel to bring him back in Season 2.

One surprising detail from the survey came in the mention of Johnathon Majors' Kang Variant villain He Who Remains. Sylvie made MCU history in Loki's season finale as she killed the time-traveling dictator, opening the doors to the live-action multiverse.

With He Who Remains now dead, Majors will return as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Ultimately, if the star-powered villain returns to rule over the TVA in Season 2, it will likely be as another Variant of the 31st-century scientist, possibly even the time-conquering one who will terrorize the shrinking family in 2023's Ant-Man sequel.


Surveys such as these aren't uncommon within Hollywood, particularly within the television space. While they are typically created by the marketing team as opposed to the creatives behind a series, they offer the studio an indication of which characters are resonating with viewers.

By obtaining the statistic data from a wide range of viewers, adjustments may be made to the size or direction of a character's role in future installments. In addition to the writing process, the information can also be critical from a marketing standpoint as more popular characters will typically be shown more prominently in posters and trailers.

All six episodes of Loki Season 1 are streaming now exclusively on Disney+.

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