Loki: Disney+ Confirms Season 2 Renewal For Tom Hiddleston Series

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Since kicking off Phase 4 with WandaVision, Marvel Studios has already explored a wide range of genres on Disney+, from sitcoms to crime thrillers. As the streaming service continues to grow in popularity, every new original series has only increased in viewership, with Loki being the studio's most successful episodic venture yet.

With an expansive slate of eight blockbuster series already confirmed for the next two years, many fans have been left wondering which are likely to see follow-ups and which will serve as one-off tales

Ever since the series was first announced, Loki has been considered a safe bet to receive a second season renewal, and after months of speculation, that has finally been confirmed. 


After the viral success of Loki on Disney+, the time-traveling crime thriller became the first Marvel Studios original series to be officially renewed for a second season on the streaming service. 

The announcement was made through the finale's only post-credits scene, which saw a TVA document stamped with the words “LOKI WILL RETURN IN SEASON 2.”

Loki Season 2 Post-Credits
Marvel Studios


After the shocking ending of Loki's finale, viewers will be left anxiously wondering when the second season will hit the streaming platform. Given the series isn't believed to be currently in production, it seems inconceivable for it to premiere before late 2022 at the earliest.

Star Tom Hiddleston is currently pre-occupied filming The Essex Serpent in England, where Loki will probably shoot once again when the cameras start rolling on the next batch of episodes. While the mini-series is expected to conclude filming in the next few months, the British star is unlikely to be the one to hold up the start of production.

Unfortunately, the inevitable delay in beginning production will probably come down to Owen Wilson's busy schedule. The Mobius actor plays a critical role in the Disney+ series and already has multiple other projects already on his plate. 

Wilson is currently in the early stages of filming Secret Headquarters for Paramount and also has commitments to another film that remains in the scripting stage. Shanghai Dawn will star the comedic legend as well as Jackie Chan, but with no release date set, it's unclear whether it will start rolling before or after Loki season 2.

As the season 2 announcement is still fresh, it will be some time before fans discover how far along preparation for the follow-up is. Writer Michael Waldron is currently in the midst of beginning to script the Kevin Feige-produced Star Wars project, so he may be preoccupied for some time.

Granted, it's entirely possible the scripting stage of the next season has already begun, but if not, then Loki may not return to Disney+ until 2023, leaving a rather torturous gap for Marvel fans to suffer through.

The entire first season of Loki is streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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