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It seems like only yesterday that fans were witnessing the Westview incident, wondering what in the world could be going on. Of course, the show in question was none other than WandaVision, Marvel's very first Disney+ outing.

The show took the spotlight and shined it on two characters that never truly got the attention they deserved in the past. Fans were able to take a deep dive into Wanda Maximoff's mind, as the show explored her trauma and revealed more of whom she truly was.

As for Vision, well for most of the show, he was simply a construct of Wanda's delusion. By the end, though, the character was given another chance at life—albeit with a fairly significant change to his appearance.

The show is a hard one to forget, and it was mostly a hit amongst critics and fans alike. So it's all but natural to hope that the WandaVision can continue on for another season, in whatever form that may be. But is it possible that WandaVision could ditch its "Limited Series" category? Let's ask Elizabeth Olsen herself.


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In a virtual chat via Variety's Actors on Actors segment, both Elizabeth Olsen and Kaley Cuoco were on hand to have a pleasant conversation.

Within it, Olsen asked Cuoco if she was filming the second of her acclaimed HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant. Cuoco replied that filming for her project doesn't start until September. Then she turned the tables, and caught Olsen by surprise, continuing to ask her if she was going to do a second season of WandaVision. Olsen replied to the contrary with a "no, no," saying WandaVision is "definitely a limited series." 

Cuoco joked that they had said the exact same thing about her series The Flight Attendant. Olsen was quick to point out that "with Marvel, you can never say no."

" I mean, I’m saying that. I don’t know. I mean, with Marvel, you can never say no. People die, people —"


It's no surprise that Olsen stands firm in the idea that there likely won't be any more WandaVision. With how the show was set up, the premise doesn't quite hold up well for continued seasons. After all, fans will get to continue Wanda's story in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In fact, Wanda seems to be an integral part of that plot. So one can only imagine that Wanda's story will grow and develop substantially in her next outing. However, while a second season isn't likely, it's always possible that a spiritual successor is out in the works.

Obviously, fans don't know where she'll be by the end of her next adventure, but with how massively important and complex her new status quo is, there's no way that Wanda wouldn't be primed for another series focusing on her. That series, however, is likely to be more of a spiritual successor to WandaVision instead of a direct continuation.

With all the talk about Wanda likely being revealed to be a Nexus being in the MCU — alongside her insane powerset — fans may get that "House of M" storyline that has been clamored for by fans for quite a while. An adaptation of that storyline also seems to be an easy way to get those pesky mutants in the MCU where they belong.

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