Loki Season 2 Reveals First Official Plot Synopsis

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Marvel Studios gave fans a new synopsis of the events that will go down in Season 2 of the MCU's widely-popular Loki series on Disney+.

Due to its heavy ties to the greater Multiverse storyline in the Multiverse Saga, Loki looks to make a huge impact on the MCU as Tom Hiddleston delivers a second season of his show - the first time that's happened on Disney+ within the MCU.

And with merchandising already teasing what fans should expect to see from the God of Mischief later this year, story details also continue to trickle online as this cosmic series looks to become a hit within the Marvel Studios narrative again.

Loki Season 2 Synopsis Revealed

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Via Disney, Marvel Studios released the first official synopsis for Season 2 of Loki, which comes to Disney+ in October 2023.

Confirming that the season will pick up "in the aftermath of the shocking season finale" from Season 1, the God of Mischief will be fighting for the Time Variance Authority's existence while searching for a trio of missing characters:

"'Loki' Season 2 picks up in the aftermath of the shocking season finale when Loki finds himself in a battle for the soul of the Time Variance Authority. Along with Mobius, Hunter B-15 and a team of new and returning characters, Loki navigates an ever-expanding and increasingly dangerous multiverse in search of Sylvie, Judge Renslayer, Miss Minutes and the truth of what it means to possess free will and glorious purpose."

While the entire main cast of characters will be back from Season 1, Season 2 will feature plenty of newcomers as well, including Indiana Jones' Ke Huy Quan and Game of Thrones' Kate Dickie.

What Will Loki Have To Handle in Season 2?

While not many specific plot details have been revealed for Season 2 yet, this new set of episodes is said to take place immediately after Kang takes over the TVA in the Season 1 finale.

Select fans also got the first look at an exclusive trailer for Season 2 at the D23 Fan Expo in September, highlighting its ties to major players in the MCU's Avengers like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America.

That same trailer included plenty of hidden Easter eggs and minor plot teases for what's on the way in Season 2, which will pit Loki and his team in an epic battle both against the TVA and with the organization as it fights for survival.

And while the wait continues for new footage to officially be made public, this synopsis opens the door to what will happen on the Multiversal side of the MCU as this series breaks new barriers in storytelling.

Season 2 of Loki will begin streaming on Disney+ on October 6.

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