Loki Season 2: Disney+ Announces Release Date

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After months of questioning when Loki Season 2 would come out, the official release date has been shared by Disney+

The return of Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief has been in a constant state of flux since his show's second season was confirmed as a mid-credits moment to end Season 1.

The series wrapped filming in October 2022, with footage being shown as a part of a Disney+ promo released early this year. 

The latest tease from the Mutliversal streaming series came at the close of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, with a post-credits scene teasing the "search [for]... Kang Variants" that will be at the center of Loki's Second Season.

Loki Season 2 Release Date Announced

Loki Season 2

Speaking as a part of Disney's 2023 Upfront event, Marvel Studios shared that Loki Season 2 will come to Disney+ starting on October 6.

October 6 is a Friday, which marks a change from the traditional Marvel Studios Wednesday release strategy seen as of late on the platform. 

This comes later than was previously speculated with the latest rumors suggesting the series was set to debut sometime "in mid-2023" with another recent report pontificating it could be later than that

A Later Than Expected Loki Debut

While October may seem quite a bit later than what was initially expected by fans of Loki Season 2, the reality-bending series was only first slated as "Summer 2023" back at San Diego Comic-Com 2022. So, October is just a slight push out of that window. 

Given the environment that Disney and Marvel Studios currently find themselves in, with a change in content strategy, global financial crisis, and (now) the Hollywood writers' strike, a slight delay like this will be celebrated by fans.  

What is almost more interesting is this move of the series from a Wednesday release to Fridays. 

When Marvel Studios projects first started release on Disney+ they made their debuts on Friday. However, that trend was bucked when Loki Season 1 started a trend of Wednesday releases

In a few small instances, Marvel has deviated from that Wednesday release schedule (i.e .She-Hulk: Attorney At Law), but for the most part, it has stayed true to its middle-of-the-week mandate. 

But, yet again, it seems as though Loki will change things up. It looks like it will not be the only big change for long, as the following MCU series, Echo, is already confirmed to drop all its episodes on Wednesday, November 29. 

Loki Season 2 starts streaming on October 6. 

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