Marvel's Next Disney+ Show Won't Release on Wednesdays

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She-Hulk Disney Plus

For the past few Marvel Studios Disney+ projects, Wednesdays have been the go-to release date. While WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had the Friday spot, Loki shifted to Wednesdays, which ended up sticking. But fans have started to question Wednesday releases due to the upcoming She-Hulk show.

Why? Well, it’s simple—both She-Hulk and Lucasfilm’s Andor will be putting out new episodes on the same day. This leaves Disney stepping on its own toes, hurting the potential audience for both projects.

It seems that the studio has come to realize this itself, as Thursdays may be the new Wednesdays.

She-Hulks Get Pushed One Day

According to Laughing Place, Tatiana Maslany's upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will now be hitting the streaming service on Thursday, August 18, instead of Wednesday, August 17.

Thursday will also be the new weekly day for the show to release episodes. This was confirmed further by Marvel Studios on its official Twitter account, who also posted a new promo which can be seen below:

Marvel Drops Wednesdays... For Now

Changing release dates is a really smart move by Marvel Studios and Disney as a whole. Now the viewer count will likely be much higher than what it would have been.

Especially when it comes to She-Hulk, who is such an unknown character to the wider audience, she would probably have had a disadvantage against Andor. While Cassian isn’t a huge Star Wars player, the show does play off of some big established lore.

It’s a little odd that the company chose Thursday, however, and not Friday—which is all around a more popular day and where the MCU got its start on Disney+. Hopefully, this will be Disney’s strategy going forward when they have Star Wars and Marvel shows airing at the same time.

It does beg the question: could Disney pick out a third date? Bad Batch’s second season will be overlapping some of Andor and She-Hulk.Will it be forced to compete with one of the two?

She-Hulk hits Disney+ on Thursday, August 18, while Andor lands on September 21 with three episodes.

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