Loki Season 2 Actor Teases Plot: 'No Time Has Passed'

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Marvel Studios continues to move further into its Phase 4 slate after a dozen new entries have already hit theaters and Disney+ since the beginning of 2021. Included in those upcoming releases is the next round of episodes for Tom Hiddleston's Loki, the first Disney+ show within the MCU to be officially renewed for a second season.

Just about every actor from Loki Season 1 is set to bring their talents back for Season 2, which is now deep into production ahead of its undisclosed release date on Disney's streaming service. There is still no set timeframe for when the God of Mischief and the Time Variance Authority will officially return for that next round of episodes, although the end of Season 1 already has fans on edge for what's coming next.

Along with the release date being a mystery, there are no signs pointing to what kind of plot details Season 2 will bring, although set photos have already teased more action coming from the TVA's finest.

Now, thanks to a new interview with one of the series' biggest stars, there may be a small idea of where fans can expect things to pick up following Season 1's dramatic end in July 2021.

Renslayer Actor Teases Time Shenanigans in Season 2

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During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Loki star Gugu Mbatha-Raw discussed her time working on both seasons of Marvel Studios' Multiversal Disney+ outing.

Mbatha-Raw expressed how "surreal" it was to join the MCU and experience its "huge fan base," particularly with Tom Hiddleston's lead character having been popular for such a long time: 

Fallon: "People love the show, what was your reaction when you saw it become the biggest thing?"

Mbatha-Raw: "It was so surreal, I mean the whole experience was amazing. And for me to join something that has such a huge fan base, and obviously Tom Hiddleston's played that character for such a long time, so to be this morally ambiguous character, like Ravonna Renslayer, is kind of a really cool thing."

The two also touched on how confusing and expansive the Multiverse is on the show, noting how she and the team almost need a presentation on it like the one that Hiddleston gave on Loki before Season 1 began filming:

Fallon: "It kind of introduced the Multiverse to the world, do you understand the Multiverse?"

Mbatha-Raw: "Does anyone understand the Multiverse? I kind of feel like we needed a tutorial on it, when we first started on the first season of Loki Tom gave us a big Loki presentation, kind of a PowerPoint on his character and his history... but I feel like we need one for the multiverse."

She moved on to Season 2, which she confirmed is filming in London right now, although she couldn't reveal any specifics about what's going on in the next round of episodes. However, her last comment potentially set the stage for where Season 2 will pick up, as she said "it's like no time has passed:"

Fallon: "Are you filming Season 2?"

Mbatha-Raw: "Yes, we just started."

Fallon: "Oh really, over in London?"

Mbatha-Raw: "Yes, that's right."

Fallon: "Everything's quiet, and under wraps?"

Mbatha-Raw: "It is I'm afraid, I'm not allowed to give too much away. It's really great to be back and it kind of feels like, because my character deals with time and the Time Variance Authority, being back in that world, it's like no time has passed."

Loki Actor Ready for Time Travel Madness?

Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Judge Renslayer has a particularly exciting future within Loki, considering that nobody knows where or when she is currently on the MCU's Sacred Timeline after Season 1. She was last seen going through one of TVA's portals in her office after a deep conversation with Owen Wilson's Mobius, but her next destination is a mystery that fans are looking forward to seeing solved.

On top of her story, it appears that the insanity from Episode 6 will continue as soon as Season 2 begins, with Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains having taken over the entire TVA after Sylvie killed him in The Void. Now, with a Kang the Conqueror Variant loose across the Multiverse and timelines branching out at every angle, there's no telling what Loki and the crew will have to deal with following that game-changing ending.

It will also be exciting to find out exactly how much time has passed since Season 1 in this next round, with Mbatha-Raw teasing that they'll pick up literally right where things left off. With the Sacred Timeline now in complete chaos, there will be no shortage of problems to fix as the God of Mischief tries to set things right.

Season 2 of Loki is currently filming, although it doesn't have a release date set for Disney+ yet.  

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