Loki Fan Discovers Clever Easter Egg From Finale's Twist Ending

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Loki Kang Conqueror Ending

Marvel Studios brought a thrilling galaxy-breaking adventure with Tom Hiddleston's Loki, the studio's third Disney+ outing of 2021.

Through six episodes of madness, the God of Mischief encountered a multiverse's worth of trouble from new introductions like the Time Variance Authority, Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie, Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains, and more. The show took major risks by ending Episode 6 with the bursting open of the multiverse, which will have lasting ramifications over the coming years.

 As Marvel has done in each of its first 27 projects to date, Loki was filled with Easter eggs for which the MCU faithful were on the lookout for six straight weeks. From a Peggy Carter lookalike in Episode 1 to the Thanos-copter in The Void in Episode 5, there was something for movie and comic fans alike to search for throughout the core plot.

Incredibly, Loki even featured Easter eggs that were heard instead of seen, as proven by a musically-inclined social media user recently.



Reddit user u/asumello15 discovered an intriguing nod to the early musical score of Loki in the themes from Episode 6, specifically in the track entitled "He Who Remains."

This user pointed out how the original TVA theme from Loki composer Natalie Holt was written in a three-beat time signature, which feels more like a waltz.

However, the "He Who Remains" theme, which plays during the finale's end credits, utilizes a four-beat signature, which is more reminiscent of a classic pop song.

Through this new take on the score, Holt created her own musical Variant to set the tone of the season finale, mirroring the final moments of the story when the multiverse began coming apart.


Natalie Holt has recieved plenty of praise for her work on the score in Loki after developing some dark and mysterious music to enhance the story for the God of Mischief and his new journey. With an enigmatic organization like the TVA and intriguing new characters like Sylvie and He Who Remains in play, the composer had a tough task to have the action and music flow as one.

This musical cut simply shows a mastery of the material she helped to create by using her theme for the TVA and twisting it to mesh with Season 1's primary antagonist. Looking at how He Who Remains was behind everything the TVA was doing since the beginning, it seems to be such a seamless fit by having these themes sound so similar to each other.

Considering that the main focus of Loki has been the idea of Variants existing throughout different timelines, Holt took this concept to heart with her music by creating her own Variant of the very score she developed to set the stage weeks ago.

Although villains many times have their own themes playing behind them in projects like this, Holt's use of the core TVA theme helped set the idea more into stone that Jonathan Majors' Kang Variant had been pulling the strings from the start. With a slightly altered time signature and new instrumentation, the musical pieces sounded similar enough to be recognized while being different enough to bring a darker feel to Episode 6.

All six episodes of Loki are now available to stream on Disney+. The Direct's exclusive interview with Natalie Holt can also be seen on TheDirect.com.

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