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Loki Finale Episode

Marvel Studios is preparing for its biggest week yet in 2021 with the premieres for Episode 5 of Tom Hiddleston's Loki on July 7 and Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow on July 9. While fans are surely amped up for the first MCU theatrical movie in two years, the Disney+ side of the MCU is bringing its own thrills through the God of Mischief's solo series.

Episode 4 in particular delivered some shocking plot twists with both Mobius and Loki being pruned while realizing the Time-Keepers were nothing more than fakes, setting the stage for an unpredictable joyride in the last two entries in Season 1.

Throughout the first four weeks, fans have heard one of the most interesting MCU scores to date in Loki, which was composed by British musician Natalie Holt in her first MCU outing. With indiscernible instrumentation and tension-building themes, Holt delivered something unique that stood out from many of the franchise's other more traditional musical offerings.

Holt recently shed some light on her process behind this score while also teasing what fans can expect to hear soon.


Loki Pirate Ship

Loki composer Natalie Holt spoke with Variety about her work on the Marvel Studios Disney+ series, revealing that she created the entire score remotely.

She divulged how she took inspiration from 19th-century opera composer Richard Wagner, explaining that she loved "those really powerful forces coming together" while she added "this unusual twisty edge."

Going into her process, Holt called herself "so old school" while revealing that she sketched her musical ideas on paper, starting with the finale and working backward. She developed the ideas for "the theme for the end very early on," which feature the services of a 32-voice choir.


While composers like Alan Silvestri (Avengers: Endgame) and Michael Giacchino (Doctor Strange, Spider-Man trilogy) largely use a more traditional style of instrumentation, Holt has found a way to bring a classically epic score by trying something new with every step.

Loki has its moments of symphonic brilliance while also mixing in some different musical sounds, which helps add another element to the God of Mischief's adventures through time and space. However, after everything that fans have heard over the past month, it appears that something magical is on the way for Episodes 5 and 6.

Now that Loki is face to face with at least four new variants of himself in an unknown dimension, the score for the final two entries has a chance to go berserk with different themes and instruments to feature. It's tough to predict exactly what will come musically, but if the rest of the series is any indication, Loki will have quite the exciting score to listen to over the next two weeks.

The first four episodes of Loki are available to stream on Disney+. Episode 5 is set to debut on July 7.

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