Loki Season 2 Receives Promising Update From Tom Hiddleston

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Loki had a stellar first season on Disney+ as it showcased the return of Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief as he dealt with the concept of the Multiverse. Interest in Loki was high even before its release, and it only dialed up further after the premiere. Following its incredible run, Loki's post-credits scene confirmed that the show would be back for a second season, meaning that the adventures of Marvel's trickster will continue. 

The exact plot details of Loki Season 2 are still shrouded in secrecy, but it is expected to continue on from the cliffhanger ending of the Season 1 finale. Hiddleston even teased that the upcoming season will take things to another level, saying that "Loki’s almost more unstable and as turbulent and passionate and chaotic as he’s ever been."

Loki Season 2 has no release date yet, but a previous report indicates that filming will begin in London this summer. Now, a more concrete update for the MCU series has emerged. 

When Does Loki Season 2 Begin Filming?

Loki Season 2

Tom Hiddleston sat down with The Playlist to talk about his preparations for Loki Season 2. 

When asked if he's excited about going back for the second season, the MCU veteran shared that he's "absolutely" ready, revealing that filming will start "in like six weeks." Hiddleston continued by pointing out that the cast and crew are "full steam ahead in terms of a script and story:"

"Absolutely. We’re in it already. I mean, we’re not filming, but we’re in prep, but we start in like six weeks or something. So we’re in full steam ahead in terms of a script and story and it’s really exciting. Yeah, I can’t say too much, but lots of questions to be answered."

Assuming that Hiddleston gave this quote in late April around when this interview was published, fans can expect Loki Season 2 to start filming in mid-June. 

When Will Loki Season 2 Release?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously claimed that he's "not sure exactly where it falls between next year and the year after" in terms of when filming will be underway. However, Tom Hiddleston's latest comment could reveal a possible release timeline for Loki Season 2.

For comparison, Loki Season 1 finished filming in December 2020, meaning that the show had a six-month gap between then and release - which included reshoots and post-production. The first season was also plagued by strict COVID-19 health protocols and pandemic-related delays that ought not to affect Season 2. 

Considering the extensive filming, reshoots, and post-production, Season 2 of the hit Marvel series could be eyeing an early 2023 release, or it could have a similar release schedule to its first season when it premiered in the month of June last year. Granted, all of this assumes that the follow-up will have the same episode count as the first season. 

Aside from the titular star, Loki Season 2 is expected to bring most of the cast together, such as Owen Wilson's Mobius, Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Judge Renslayer, and Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie. Given that the ending also set the stage for Jonathan Majors' Kang to assume a larger role going forward, it is possible that the MCU villain will play a part in it as well. 

The first season of Loki is available to stream on Disney+. 

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