Loki Director Reveals Mobius & Jet Ski Hopes For Season 2

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The MCU's first three efforts on Disney+ are now fully complete after the final episode of Tom Hiddleston's Loki recently dropped on Disney+, closing one door and opening countless more. Tom Hiddleston's solo series left the God of Mischief's story in a world of trouble with the multiverse seemingly in shambles and Kang the Conqueror rising to power.

While Episode 6 didn't give fans the expected post-credits scenes that came in WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it did what those two shows didn't by officially confirming that Loki will continue into Season 2.

Now that a second round of episodes centered on Loki is set in (Infinity) stone, it will be interesting to see how the Disney+ series picks up from where things left off not only from Season 1 but other future MCU installments as well. Loki is gearing up for a return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, although many of the supporting characters' stories from here are being kept in the dark.

For one particular character though, Season 1's director knows exactly where she wants Season 2 to start.



Loki Season 1 director Kate Herron spoke with Collider about Owen Wilson's Mobius, specifically his relation to jet skis.

While Herron's time directing this show was a one-season experience, she admitted that "whoever directs (Loki) next" will have to find a way to "get (Mobius) on his jet ski" in Season 2:

"So I guess that's the task, right? Of whoever directs it next, they have to get him on his jet ski."

Almost threatening something bad "if that's not the opening of Season 2," Herron revealed that "everyone who worked on the show...loved the jet skis" when the vehicle first became part of the show. Although she confirmed that Wilson "was not going to be on one" in the show's inaugural season, she hopes that it will "be a treat" next time around: 

"If that's not the opening of Season 2... But yeah, it was funny, actually, because I think me and the writers and everyone who worked on the show, we were also delighted because, obviously, seeing everyone, they loved the jet skis. And we were like, 'There was so much stuff,' and we were like, 'Oh, man.' Because we all knew, obviously, he was not going to be on one. So I think definitely; I'm sure that will be a treat for the next season."


Owen Wilson's Mobius first explained his love for jet skis in a chat with Tom Hiddleston's Loki midway through Episode 2, calling it "a beautiful union of form and function" from the '90s that helped "remind (him) of what (they're) fighting for." He mentions the jet ski again right before Judge Renslayer pruned him in Episode 4, saying he'd love to be on one if he could pick anywhere in history to travel to.

With so much chatter surrounding Mobius and his love of jet skis, it almost seems like something that has to happen at some point in Season 2.

There's no telling where the plot of Loki will go when it comes back, particularly with the multiverse likely being in shambles at that point in time. However, given the TVA's existence, and with the organization likely playing a key role again next time, there surely has to be a way to get Owen Wilson to ride the waves on this vehicle.

Fans grew to love Mobius as Owen Wilson brought the character to life in his first MCU appearance, and no matter where he shows up next, he's sure to bring his classic energy and passion along for the ride. Although Kate Herron won't be back to direct his jet ski moment, it's going to be something fans are hoping to see in the near future.

All six episodes of Loki are available to stream on Disney+.

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