Loki Theory: What Happens To Owen Wilson's Mobius After Episode 4 Ending

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Warning — This article contains spoilers for Episode 4 of Loki.

Since the premiere of Loki, a key draw of the Disney+ series has been the comedic back-and-forth dynamic between the God of Mischief himself and the TVA's Agent Mobius, played by Owen Wilson.

While the two spent a brief period solving mysteries together, the duo was quickly separated across the galaxy as Loki betrayed his friend to chase after Sylvie. Having spent the series' third installment, “Lamentis,” apart, the Asgardian and the TVA analyst were finally reunited in the fourth installment.

However, after an episode of twists and turns, Mobius' fate in the Disney+ series has been left in question. So, what happened to Mobius in the ending of “The Nexus Event?”


 Loki Mobius Prune
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With the God of Mischief and the TVA Agent finally back on the same team after reconvening in the Asgardian Time Cell, the duo ran into Renslayer and her Minutemen guards.

Clearly knowing he is about to meet his demise, Owen Wilson's Mobius goes on to monologue about his desire to go back to “wherever [he] had a life before the TVA came along” where he hopes he had a jet ski to go “riding around on.” 

However, his desperate words fall flat as Judge Renslayer orders the TVA agents to “prune him,” seemingly disintegrating him for good:

MOBIUS: “What's going on? What's the problem, Ravonna? You know where I'd go if I could go anywhere? Wherever it is I'm really from. Yeah, wherever I had a life before the TVA came along. Maybe, I had a jet ski. That's what I'd like to do. Just riding around on my jet ski.”

RENSLAYER: “Prune him.”

Loki Mobius Prune
Marvel Studios

Initially, this came as a shocking moment for most viewers, to see one of the series' leads meeting his end already with the fourth episode. However, after Tom Hiddleston's Loki fell victim to the same fate in the episode's concluding moments, it became apparent that there was more going on than met the eye.

Thankfully, “The Nexus Event” featured a post-credits scene for the first time in the series, showing Loki waking up in the rubble of a destroyed New York.

Not only that, but the God of Mischief was surrounded by four more Variants of himself being Kid, Classic, Boastful, and Alligator Lokis:

LOKI: “Is this Hell? Am I dead?”

CLASSIC LOKI: “Not yet. But you will be unless you come with us”


Mobius Egypt car
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Assuming the Asgardian wasn't a rare exception to the rule, Mobius could meet a similar fate in resurfacing on a strange world surrounded by others versions of himself. There's a lot of debate as to what exactly this place is; some have speculated it to be an alternate world in which the Avengers lost to Loki in New York, or a more credible theory suggests it could be Limbo — a pocket dimension outside the timeline.

Trailers and promotional material released prior to the release of Loki showcased a crazed Mobius driving through an Egyptian desert in footage that has yet to be seen on the Disney+ series. While it was speculated that this version of the TVA agent was actually Loki in disguise, it seems increasingly possible this could be a Mobius Variant. 

Granted, a chance remains that Owen Wilson's fan-favorite character truly did die in that scene, and Loki was an exception to the rule. In this case, Mobius could serve as the martyr of the mission to take down the TVA and the first major casualty of the fight to come.

Whatever the case, the future of Mobius in the MCU, if he has one, ought to become clearer next week when Loki premieres its penultimate episode, exclusively on Disney+.

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