Loki Footage Hints at What's Next For Owen Wilson's Mobius

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With only the first three episodes released so far, Loki has already been filled with plenty of surprise twists and turns, from the potential creation of the MCU's multiverse to the arrival of a female Loki Variant.

In the first two episodes, prior to Loki's surprise betrayal of the TVA, a key element of the series was the buddy cop dynamic between Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Owen Wilson's Agent Mobius.

This relationship was completely absent from the latest installment as the God of Mischief went on his own adventure with Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie to the near-destruction moon of Lamentis-1. However, the duo is expected to reunite in the next episode, potentially as the TVA arrives to rescue the two Variants from their impending doom.

While the third episode largely served as a side-story to focus on character development, there were some big reveals. The most notable revelation came in Loki's discovery that all the TVA's agents are Variants, leaving the future arcs of agents like Mobius in question.

With only three episodes remaining and Loki's direction going forward still unclear, some fans have begun to reflect on earlier trailers to discover scenes that have yet to appear by the third episode, leading to some intriguing discoveries.


Reddit user BeginningShallot8961 compiled screenshots from Loki marketing that have yet to appear in the series throughout the first three episodes.

Two screenshots from a Disney+ trailer that released in late May are particularly intriguing at the midseason point of the series, as they show off Loki scenes of Mobius driving through an Egyptian setting with the country's iconic Great Sphinx of Giza in the background. 

Loki Mobius Egypt Car
Marvel Studios

Intriguingly, Owen Wilson's TVA agent shows a Loki-esque crazed expression on his face, indicating the God of Mischief will either possess Mobius or will perhaps disguise himself as him for some nefarious purpose. 

Loki Mobius Egypt
Marvel Studios

Twitter user @carolxloki shared a high-resolution look at Mobius' deranged facial expression, revealing that the TVA agent's mustache appears to be absent in this scene.

Loki Mobius Egypt
Marvel Studios



Following the shocking cliffhanger of Loki's third episode that left the God of Mischief and Sylvie trapped on a near-apocalypse Lamentis-1, it is unclear what direction the God of Mischief's solo outing will take next. Titular star Tom Hiddleston recently teased that the series will expand in a major and unexpected way from the fourth episode, suggesting some big twists could be imminent.

So far, fans have already been introduced to two Loki Variants in Tom Hiddleston's post-Avengers Asgardian and Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie. However, more Variants are rumored to debut before the season concludes including a child version of the character played by Jack Veal, and an older God of Mischief played by Richard E. Grant

With so many versions of Loki expected to appear over the coming weeks, it's hard to imagine exactly which could disguise themselves as Mobius. The terrifying face shown behind the wheel looks to be an amalgamation of the Asgardian Variant and the TVA Agent with Loki's twisted smile shown on Mobius' face, who is oddly missing his glorious mustache.

Given the time-traveling nature of the show, there is no clear indication of exactly what year Loki's Egyptian scenes will take place, but the car's presence suggests it will take place at least somewhat close to the modern day.

Next year's Oscar Issac-led Moon Knight will have strong connections to Egypt given the character's powers stem from meeting the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. Based on this, some have theorized that Loki could be used to tease Marc Spector's impending MCU arrival before the character debuts on Disney+ in 2022.

The meaning behind the TVA's trip to the Egyptian desert is sure to become clear the series begins its second half Wednesday, June 30, 2021, exclusively on Disney+.

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