Tom Hiddleston Teases Loki & Mobius Reunion In Upcoming Episode

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Loki is in full swing, and on the eve of the 3rd episode, viewers are sitting with far more questions than answers. Many new concepts have been introduced, and exactly what they all mean and the true nature of the TVA are far from certain.

One thing is for sure though: fans love the duo of Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Owen Wilson's Mobius. Now that Loki has followed the Variant (Sophia di Martino) through the Time Door at the end of episode 2, though, their future partnership is unclear. 

Marvel recently shared some insight from Wilson and Hiddleston about the relationship between the two characters and how it might carry on into the rest of the series.


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Speaking with Marvel, Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson discussed the relationship between their two characters and potentially teased a team-up later in the show. On the topic of how the characters feel about one another, Wilson mentioned that Loki and Mobius have formed a sort of friendship built on "a sort of mutual admiration."

“The friendship between Mobius and Loki, if you can call it that, is well-earned in that they really sort of put each other through things that are grueling and upsetting. They test each other's patience and faith. Through all that, there is sort of a mutual admiration that emerges.”

Hiddleston seems to agree. He contrasts Loki's relationship with other figures in the character's life, like his adoptive father and brother, Odin and Thor. While the Loki from the main MCU timeline reconciled with them, this variant hasn't had the chance, and so it's a unique experience that "Mobius is able to see Loki" for whom he really is.

“Mobius challenges him, but it's not the same challenge that he's used to. It's not the challenge of Thor, or the challenge of Odin, or the challenge of anybody, or the Avengers. Mobius is able to see Loki, and maybe that feeling is reassuring in quite an unexpected way for Loki."

Though the pair parted ways when Loki followed the Variant into the Time Door, Hiddleston notes that "perhaps they both realize that they're going to need each other," teasing a potential team-up from the two down the line. “The needing of each other is quite an unfamiliar feeling [for Loki].”


Loki has learned a lot from Mobius during his time in the TVA. While he still schemes and double-crosses, as seen in the excursion to the Rennaisance Faire early in Episode 2, it's quite clear that he has developed some respect for Mobius.

For Mobius' part, he's been willing to stand up for Loki from the very beginning. While he himself told Loki it could be out of desperation to stop the Variant, he also admitted it could be about seeing "a scared little boy." Judge Renslayer told Mobius that he had a "soft spot for broken things," so it seems likely that the truth is somewhere in the middle. A part of Mobius wants to help Loki, perhaps just as much as he wants to catch the Variant.

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Now that Loki has left, it remains to be seen how Mobius will respond to what the TVA will certainly claim is a betrayal. Trailer footage seems to indicate the Variant will strike the TVA directly after leaving Roxxcart, and since Loki was in tow and is seen prowling the TVA's halls in the trailer wielding daggers, they may be right. This is even more likely when one considers he's shown wearing the jacket he was wearing in Roxxcart and most other trailer footage has him without it.

It seems very unlikely, however, that the pair won't meet at least one more time before the show ends, even if it's only for a final confrontation. While many fans would love to see Mobius and Loki side by side once again, there are simply too many variables at play to know how things will go with four episodes remaining. The TVA itself may not even survive the halfway point in the series now that the Variant knows the location of the Time Keepers.

Time may flow differently in the TVA, but for those on Earth episodes of Loki—and all subsequent Disney+ exclusives—air on Wednesdays.

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