Loki: New Images Show Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson & More In Latest Episode

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Loki, images from episode 2

Even with the third episode of Loki's inaugural season on the horizon, fans are still reeling from the mind-blowing events of the previous two. From a mysterious new Loki variant to a drawer full of de-powered Infinity Stones, the series hasn't pulled its punches with shocking reveals. 

While little is known about the upcoming episodes, a few surreal sights will be showing up, including a decrepit pirate ship, a crashed UFO, and, for some reason, a crocodile. With Loki stepping into an unknown time door at the end of the last episode, anyplace, or rather anytime seems possible for the titular trickster to end up.

While fans continue to sort through the mysteries presented by Loki, with many coming up with theories about its connection to the larger MCU, Disney is offering more from the already released episodes in the series...


A few images of key moments from the second episode of Loki have just been released by Disney. The first of these shows Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Owen Wilson's Mobius arguing with Wunmi Mosaku's Hunter B-15 about the trickster's role in the Roxxcart mission.

Loki and Mobius at Roxxcart
Marvel Studios​​​​​

Here, Mobius leads Loki through the Variant's last location, a renaissance fair from 1985. Along the way, Loki is tested on his knowledge of the policies and procedures of the TVA, including the function of the reset charges.

Loki walks through fair
Marvel Studios

At the scene of the crime, Loki spins a tale of the Variant's grand schemes, including his role in them. Appealing to Mobius, he asks for an audience with the Time-Keepers, though his ruse is sniffed out.

Loki explains
Marvel Studios

Having convinced Mobius to take him back into the field, this time Pompeii, minutes before its destruction, Loki stands ready to cause chaos, hoping his theory about the timeline will hold true.

Loki at Pompeii
Marvel Studios

After revealing herself and sending armed reset charges throughout the timeline, the Variant waves goodbye to Loki and escapes through a time door. Loki soon follows, leaving Mobius and the TVA behind.

Loki variant, red light
Marvel Studios​

Mobius stumbles upon the kidnapped TVA agent in the security room of Roxxcart. While she at first seems delirious, the agent eventually reveals her horrible mistake, giving the Variant the location of the TVA.

Mobius, Roxxcart, missing agent
Marvel Studios


While these pictures don't provide any new information on the direction or story of the series, they do help establish its core, showing which events and characters Disney deems most important. Looking at the pictures provided, it seems Loki's dynamic with Mobius, Hunter B-15's mistrust of the trickster, and the secret plans of the Variant Loki are some of the more integral elements of the series.

Though the show seemed to have settled into a rhythm with episode two, the twist at the end looks to indicate a change of pace. Actor Tom Hiddleston hinted at something similar in a recent interview, noting that his favorite episodes, four and five, "expand into new territory." So even if fans think they know what to expect, it seems the series may move in a wildly different direction instead.

With the main players established, the context set, and the stakes heightened, Loki seems set for an even more thrilling continuation. Fans will just have to wait and see when the third episode drops on Disney+ this Wednesday, June 23.

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