Marvel Reveals Best Look Yet at Sophia Di Martino's Loki Character In New Poster

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Sophia Di Martino as Lady Loki

Loki is taking charge of the small screen of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by pushing the multiverse concept into the forefront through the arrival of the Time Variance Authority. 

Written by Michael Waldron, the series is led by an alternate version of Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief who was introduced during the Time Heist of Avengers: Endgame. During the first two episodes, Loki did a deep dive into intriguing concepts like the Sacred Timeline and the rules of time travel in the context of the MCU, giving fans a preview of how the multiverse will be sent into madness if left unchecked. 

The debut installment laid the groundwork of how the TVA works while the second episode took it up a notch by showcasing the dangerous Loki Variant in the form of Sophia Di Martino's MCU character. The real identity of this Variant is still unknown, with some fans believing that this is Lady Loki while others believe she is Sylvie Laufeydottir. 

It is expected that the next batch of episodes will shed some light on the subject. Now, a new poster for the character has emerged to give fans something to think about in the next few weeks. 


Marvel Studios officially released a brand-new character poster for Loki, showcasing a fresh look at Sophia Di Martino's Loki Variant. 

Sophia Di Martino as Loki Variant
Marvel Studios



Two episodes in, and Loki is already sending a major bombshell that could rock the MCU to its core. To recap, Sophia Di Martino's Loki Variant sent a wave of reset charges into different points in time, presumably kicking off the multiverse of madness that Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff will fix in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

In a way, this latest poster is a fitting reminder of Di Martino's mysterious yet earth-shattering plan. The Loki Variant was only shown briefly at the tail-end of the second episode, but this image highlights a cleaner look at the show's presumed villain. 

It is widely expected that this Loki Variant will take on a much larger role in the next episodes, especially after how the recent one sets up a time-hopping adventure between the two Gods of Mischief. 

On a plot level, this makes narrative sense since this creates an opportunity for Tom Hiddleston's version to reflect on his actions by going toe-to-toe with Di Martino's Variant. It would also help him understand the true intentions of this Variant and why is she targeting the TVA as a whole. 

There's a strong possibility that this Variant isn't actually the villain. It's possible that the TVA is indeed the real antagonist, and it's up to Endgame Loki and this Lady Variant to take them down once and for all. 

The first two episodes of Loki are now streaming on Disney+. 

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