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In summer 2021, Marvel Studios' Loki became the first Disney+ series within the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be confirmed for a second full season after Season 1 came to an end. Tom Hiddleston took his God of Mischief into a chaotic adventure from start to finish in his first solo project, and even after more than a decade of service, he's far from finished with the role.

Rumors pointed to Loki making some kind of appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness after Season 1 finished, with the adopted Asgardian potentially in for pure chaos as the Multiverse comes apart at the seams. In the real world, Season 2 of Loki will begin filming in Hiddleston's home of London this summer, sending the anti-hero back with the TVA to fix the mess he and Sylvie helped start.

Outside of returning characters like Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie and Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Judge Renslayer, Loki Season 2 remains largely a mystery with so much ahead for this veteran character.

Now, as the show's leading actor prepares to take on his next challenge, he took the opportunity to tease what fans can expect - but only a little.

Tom Hiddleston on Chaos in Loki Season 2

Loki Season 2

Total Film, via GamesRadar, spoke with MCU star Tom Hiddleston about what fans can expect to see in Loki Season 2 on Disney+.

When asked about the new season, Hiddleston looked forward to the challenges ahead of him while teasing that "the story isn't over" after the show's first six episodes. He described Loki as more "turbulent and passionate and chaotic" than he's ever been before, meaning that there are a lot of outstanding issues that need to be resolved:

"What can I say? It’s very much continuing to excite and challenge me... At the end of Season 1, the story isn’t over. I think that’s really clear. Loki’s almost more unstable, and as turbulent and passionate and chaotic as he’s ever been. And maybe some of that needs resolution. There’s stuff to unpack."

Looking back on the first season, Hiddleston praised the "bold choices" that he and Marvel Studios made, specifically noting the character's progress in his "internal journey." It's a story that Hiddleston wanted to tackle regardless of whether it involved Loki, but he loves it even more since it does include his God of Mischief:

"We made some new, bold choices. Loki goes on a really big, internal journey that felt very new and fresh. And I thought, ‘I would like to explore this kind of story, whether it’s Loki or not. But the fact that it’s Loki is even more interesting.'"

He looked even further back to his entire journey as Loki, confirming that the character will always be a huge part of his life. The star even referenced a recent experience in a public restroom where a fan called him Loki, confirming that this is how fans see him even outside of the MCU:

"[Plyaing Loki] is a source of eternal surprise and delight, the whole journey. It’s absolutely a part of my life now, and will always be. You know, just now in the bathroom, somebody came in, and said, 'Loki!' And I said, [indicates to himself] 'Tom.' And they went, 'Sorry. Yeah.' But it’s what people see."

Hiddleston Ready for Chaotic Return as Loki

For more than a decade, almost no MCU character has been the source of more pure unadulterated chaos than Tom Hiddleston's Loki, who finds a way to change the game at every turn. From his three deaths on the big screen to his entirely new journey alongside the TVA in his solo series last year, Loki is a character that's classified as predictably unpredictable.

Now, that unpredictability will go to even higher levels after Season 1 ended with the Multiverse falling into shambles thanks to Loki, Sylvie, and He Who Remains. More will be made clear after Doctor Strange 2 fully explores everything that the Multiverse will unleash upon the MCU, and fans wait anxiously to see if and how Hiddleston will offer his own services in that madness.

Even with so many question marks surrounding Loki Season 2, that same sense of wild insanity from all of Loki's past appearances will remain a consistent factor in the next set of episodes. Chaos will ensue, and it's clear that Hiddleston is all aboard the Loki train when it comes to continuing his story the right way.

Season 2 of Loki will begin filming this summer. There is no set release date yet for its premiere on Disney+.

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