Loki: New Poster For Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains Revealed

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Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains, Loki

The Season 1 finale of Loki introduced universe-shattering ramifications across the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by setting the stage for the debut of a Variant of a powerful villain in the form of He Who Remains

The villain is played by Lovecraft Country star Jonathan Majors, and he is set to return to play Kang the Conqueror, the dangerous Variant of the TVA ruler, in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Not only did the finale set up the events of the third Ant-Man installment and Loki Season 2, but it also laid the groundwork for what's about to happen in other projects like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

After a game-changing Infinity Saga, Marvel Studios is now working towards a new chapter that will serve as the core storyline for the next few years. It's safe to say that it is heading toward a narrative about alternate realities, and this was further cemented by the actions of Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie in the finale. When she killed He Who Remains, she allowed for the multiverse to break open through a series of branched timelines. 

Now, to celebrate the MCU debut of Majors and the introduction of the multiverse, a new poster has emerged. 


Marvel Studios officially released a brand-new character poster for Loki, showcasing a fresh look at Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains who debuted in the finale. 

Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains
Marvel Studios



Many would agree that Jonathan Majors stole the show during the Loki Season 1 finale, and it's worth pointing out that this is only the beginning. This poster is a fitting reminder of the impactful debut of the MCU villain, and signs point that it will be one of the countless many performances of the actor in Phase 4. 

Loki director Kate Herron already teased that "a lot of different versions" of He Who Remains are coming to the MCU, and it looks like it will not just be Kang who will cause trouble to the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. From Immortus to Scarlet Centurion, there are a lot of story opportunities for the character in the future, and it will be interesting to see how Marvel will pull it off in the next few years. 

Given the massive slate of projects, Marvel can bring in Majors' MCU villain in a lot of ways, using the character as either a villain or even a good guy. By doing this, it adds more layers to the complexity of He Who Remains and his Variants, and this could also help in establishing the nefarious nature of Kang the Conqueror when it's time for his debut

Aside from Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, it's possible that Kang the Conqueror or even He Who Remains will show up in Loki Season 2. This is further amplified by the fact that the final moments of Season 1 showed that Kang is now the true leader of the TVA. Other than that, the villain can also show up in other projects like No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness to cement his presence as the overarching multiversal threat. 

The first full season of Loki is now streaming on Disney+. 

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