Loki Season 2 Trailer: 16 Easter Eggs & Major Details In First Footage

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Loki, Season 2 trailer

For the first time in MCU history, Marvel Studios will give one of its live-action Disney+ shows a second season with Tom Hiddleston's Loki Season 2 arriving in 2023 during Phase 5. With more than a decade of movie appearances and all of Season 1 under his belt, Hiddleston will now move to arguably his craziest adventure yet in the MCU - one that sends him spiraling through space and time.

At the 2022 D23 Fan Expo, select fans had the privilege to see an exclusive trailer for Loki's next set of episodes, which brings back the entire cast from Season 1 along with a couple of key new faces. This even includes Indiana Jones and Everything Everywhere All at Once star Ke Huy Quan, although he's far from the only surprise left in store after fans saw what kind of wild action will come to Disney+ next year.

With Phase 5 not even set to officially kick off until Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania arrives in February 2023, the larger public will still have to wait a few more months to see anything from Loki Season 2, although its first trailer made waves after D23. 

Now, The Direct is here to pick out more than a dozen important Easter eggs and moments from that trailer to build up anticipation for the God of Mischief's return.

1.) Loki Glitches Throughout the TVA

Loki, Mobius, Loki Season 1
Marvel Studios

As Loki walks through the halls of the Time Variance Authority headquarters, he finds himself glitching and being transported elsewhere while looking at someone flipping through a small notebook. Considering how Season 1 ended with the Multiverse falling into chaos following He Who Remains' death, this could be the first of many instances of this happening throughout the series.

Later in the trailer, Loki also utters the line "War is on the way," teasing the Multiversal War that Kang the Conqueror's first MCU Variant hinted at in his monologue from the Citadel at the End of Time. This glitch should only be the first domino to fall in that epic battle.

2.) Loki Sees the Power Behind the TVA?

Loki, Season 1
Marvel Studios

Later in the trailer, Loki walks into a green and white room that's illuminated with a bright light, with the camera then showing a shocked expression on the God of Mischief's face.

This moment could reveal another key figure behind the TVA's entire existence, with Loki clearly understanding how important this figure is. Whether it's another Kang Variant or a different major character from Marvel lore will be one of the big mysteries that fans look forward to solving throughout the season.

3.) He Who Remains' Presence Felt

Hw Who Remains, Loki Season 1
Marvel Studios

Loki is seen using one of the Minutemen's pruning batons on a wall mural depicting the Time-Keepers and the Sacred Timeline, only to reveal three statues of Jonathan Majors' Kang the Conqueror. Also standing to his right is a man wearing an outfit potentially inspired by Kang's Variant, He Who Remains, which features gold bands and purple robes.

The art also looks arguably Egyptian in origin, lending to the idea that this person could be a version of Rama Tut - one of the original Kang Variants in the universe. Could this be a tease for Kang's history being explored more deeply in Season 2?

4.) Decapitated Blue Head on the Ground

Timekeeper, Loki Season 1
Marvel Studios

In front of that mural is a chopped-off blue head on the ground, which resembles the beheaded Time-Keeper android from the end of Episode 4 of Season 1. While this could be another version of one of the Time-Keepers that comes back to attack Loki and Mobius (who is also in the room), it could simply be the same room that the Time-Keepers occupied last time.

This entire scene should enlighten fans further on Kang's extended time in the MCU, which will surely go back thousands of years across time.  

5.) Ke Huy Quan's TVA Archive Worker

Ke Huy Quan, Everything, Everywhere All at Once

Loki and Mobius then go into a well-lit, older-looking room filled with trinkets and artifacts as they come across Ke Huy Quan's character, who is confirmed to be a TVA Archivist. Quan only appears for a moment, smiling and handing something to the heroic duo, although he seems to be on their side given his expression.

This room is likely the TVA archive and might contain items similar to those that were seen in the TVA desk agents' drawers in the early episodes from Season 1, including Casey's drawer full of confiscated Infinity Stones.

6.) Sylvie Jams Out to Music

Loki, Sylvie
Marvel Studios

Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie makes her grand return, although she looks more relaxed than ever as she lounges on a couch. Her look comes complete with a set of headphones draped over her ears as she looks around and takes in her environment, although there are no signs pointing to how she'll end up in this timeline.

Considering that previously released set photos showed Loki and Sylvie at a Mcdonald's restaurant in the 1970s, this is most likely from the same Earth as the furniture appears to be from that same decade.

7.) Casey Leaves His TVA Desk

Casey, Loki Season 2
Marvel Studios

With Eugene Cordero's Casey now being bumped up to a series regular, it's no surprise to see him for a moment in this new trailer. Additionally, this is the first time fans have seen him leave the comfort of his desk at the TVA headquarters, making his way through some kind of dark corridor or tunnel.

There are no indications of where or when this may be in space or time, but it does tease that Casey might be needed for help on one of Loki's upcoming missions during Season 2. At long last, Casey will get to see what the Multiverse truly holds.

8.) Hunter B-15 Dressed to the Nines

Hunter B-15, Loki Season 1
Marvel Studios

Wunmi Mosaic's Hunter B-15 makes her grand return to Loki Season 2 with one moment of footage in the trailer, donning the fanciest costume she's worn to date in this series. The actress is seen wearing a bright orange top along with prominent gold jewelry on her neck and her forehead, looking intently ahead at something.

While this could be the B-15 from the TVA, this could also be another Variant of the Minuteman from one of her many lives on Earth. But given that intense look on her face, it's likely the TVA's own in disguise as she works with Loki and Mobius to fix the timeline.

9.) Zaniac Debuts on the MCU's Big Screen

Zaniac, Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Loki and Mobius are seen in top-notch tuxedos as fans find out they're attending a movie premiere, where the poster for a film starring Kumail Nanjiani's Kingo was also seen. For this premiere, the pair are in line to see a film called "Zaniac," which will show off yet another classic character from Marvel lore.

Zaniac is a more obscure being from the comics with ties to both Dormammu and the Dark Dimension, both of which were seen in 2016's Doctor Strange. And considering both Loki and Strange's deep ties to the Multiverse, this could be a sign of more dangerous things to come.

10.) Renslayer Looking Worse off for Wear

Renslayer, Loki Season 1
Marvel Studios

Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Judge Ravonna Renslayer is seen for the first time since going through a portal in her office in Season 1, Episode 6, although she looks quite different this time around. Now, she's seen in white clothing while being held in some sort of holding cell, all with quite a concerned look on her face.

All of these facts seem to indicate that this is the same Renslayer from Season 1 rather than a Variant as she looks somewhat defeated in her cell. With her emotional and romantic ties to Kang from the comics potentially being in play, she'll be a key force to watch out for as the TVA tries to fix itself.

11.) Loki's Magic vs TVA Agents

Loki, Season 1
Marvel Studios

In a split-second moment, Loki gets to use his magical abilities, although they have to come in a fight against the TVA's own soldiers. Hiddleston's leading character throws a blast of green energy at one of the soldier's chests as he fights off a pair of them within the TVA's headquarters.

This could bring another Loki Variant into play, but there may also be an intense battle in store between the God of Mischief and his coworkers as they work through the Sacred Timeline madness.

12.) Loki Here, Loki There, Loki Everywhere!

Loki, Thor
Marvel Studios

At some point during their excursion to the theater, Mobius is seen in the middle of two versions of Loki as they don their black & white tuxedoes. With both the Multiverse and the God of Mischief's powers in play, this leaves a couple of potential options for what could be happening at this moment.

Loki may be using his duplication powers to project another version of himself next to Mobius, or it could be that another real Loki has made his way through dimensional walls into this period in time. With Tom Hiddleston's iconic MCU character neck deep in Multiversal chaos, it's anybody's guess how this will all play out.

13.) Mobius! In! Space!

Mobius, Loki Season 1

For less than a second, Owen Wilson's Agent Mobius is seen wearing a full-blown spacesuit as he looks out into the light, possibly setting him up for some kind of mission in the stars.

This might be something through the TVA to help directly with the fight against Kang, or he could be blending in with some kind of space mission with either the Russians or the United States during the Space Race in the 1950s and '60s. And while Mobius' main fascination is with jet skis, he's sure to find something truly spectacular to behold if he really is going out past the Earth's atmosphere.

14.) Renslayer's Replacement Comes To Light

Judge Renslayer, Loki Season 1

Fans will get another look at the dais in the TVA's courtroom, which is now occupied by a new judge wearing a red-and-gold sash. While it's unclear who the actor or character is in this shot, what is clear is that Ravonna Renslayer has been replaced in her role as the TVA's Judge.

This could help lead to a more villainous path for Renslayer, or it could simply show that her position needed to be replaced in a time of crisis.

15.) Loki Takes a Dive Through the TVA

Loki, Thor: Ragnarok

Loki is no stranger to falling, as fans saw in a highly comedic moment from 2017's Thor: Ragnarok when he landed in Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Now, the trailer for Loki Season 2 teases another moment just like this, although the God of Mischief is now seen taking a dive through the TVA headquarters.

This might happen due to the glitching that was mentioned earlier for Loki, although something simpler could happen if he just ends up being pushed off of a high ledge. But there's no telling how wild things will get or even whether Loki will actually stay in this same location.

16.) Loki & Mobius Repeat Their Lunch Date

Loki, Mobius, Loki Season 1
Marvel Studios

To close out the trailer, Loki and Mobius sit down with each other at a table, just as they did when Mobius was trying to enjoy his lunch in Season 1, Episode 2. This time, Loki asks Mobius to not think of him as a bad guy in their next endeavor, leading to him listing off a number of MCU characters who had thought of him as the villain.

This includes the original six Avengers, Phil Coulson, Odin, Thor, Nick Fury, Miss Minutes, and even Mobius himself as he thinks back upon more than a decade of time toeing the line between good and bad in the MCU. Even though Loki doesn't necessarily rely on ties back to the Avengers movies, this shouldn't be the only one that fans pick up on in Season 2.

What's Set To Happen in Loki Season 2?

Although Loki Season 1 officially introduced fans to the idea of the Multiverse, Season 2 will dive into the deep end while tackling a number of other crazy ideas through its six-episode run.

Jonathan Majors is set to have a bigger impact on this new season than he did in Season 1, which will follow up on his efforts as the big bad in February's Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. His impact over the TVA will be a tall order to overcome, especially since he's all but confirmed to become even more powerful by the time 2025's Avengers: The Kang Dynasty comes around for Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The Multiverse, time travel, and the God of Mischief himself will all combine to bring what should be a thrilling new story - one that already looks to have major ramifications as the Multiverse Saga pushes forward.

Loki Season 2 is set to premiere on Disney+ summer 2023.

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