Loki Season 2: 14 Easter Eggs & Hidden Details In New Trailer

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Loki Season 2 just dropped an Easter egg-packed trailer with teases toward Jonathan Majors' Kang, Ke Huy Quan's new MCU character, and possibly even set the path to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

As Secret Invasion has finally wrapped up on Disney+, Marvel Studios can turn its marketing focus toward its next big project: Loki Season 2. The promotion kicked into gear with the release of a new Ant-Man 3-related poster recently.

The sophomore season debuted an Easter egg-packed trailer privately at D23, and now, a new look made waves publically amid the Jonathan Majors controversy.

Marvel Studios will have no easy time with its Loki marketing campaign as it comes off massive criticism of Secret Invasion and contends with the ongoing assault case against Kang actor Majors.

1.) Ke Huy Quan’s Character Finally Revealed

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Ke Huy Quan
Marvel Studios

Following his Oscar win for Everything Everywhere All At Once, Ke Huy Quan will join the MCU with Loki Season 2 as OB, who appears to be working at the "Repairs and Advancements" department of the TVA.

Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Owen Wilson's Mobius go to OB for help with the God of Mischief's time slipping. 

It appears Quan's role in the upcoming season will see him advising and assisting the Loki crew on their mission while perhaps engineering them some goodies too.

2.) Loki’s Timeslipping

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Time Slipping
Marvel Studios

Across the trailer, Hiddleston's Loki can be seen time-slipping - a term revealed by Ke Huy Quan's OB. The effect may be a result of the God of Mischief ending up in an alternate timeline/universe TVA after the Season 1 finale.

Loki describes what's happened to him as "being pulled through time between the past and the present," with him even shown approaching another version of himself in the TVA before he time slips away.

The act of timeslipping appears similar to the glitching present in the animated Spider-Verse where individuals who are outside their own universes suffer some unfortunate, and seemingly painful, effects.

3.) Mobius’ Jet Ski Payoff?

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Jetski
Marvel Studios

Hiddleston's Loki looks to timeslip from the TVA to the parking lot of Piranha Powersports, where two jet skis are prominently sat outside, seemingly setting up a payoff to a dream of Season 1's Mobius.

Moments before he was pruned by Judge Renslayer in Season 1, Mobius speculated that before he was kidnapped into TVA labor he may have "had a jet ski," which she shared his dream to "[ride] around on" once again:

"You know where I'd go if I could go anywhere? Wherever it is I'm really from. Yeah, wherever I had a life before the TVA came along. Maybe I had a jet ski. That's what I'd like to do. Just riding around on my jet ski."

As Loki slips across time, maybe he will come across the pre-TVA Mobius who may have owned that jet ski - he could even be the one selling them at Piranha Powersports.

4.) Kang Teases

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Kang statue, mural
Marvel Studios

After not debuting until the Season 1 finale, Kang appears set to take on a bigger role in Season 2 with the introduction of new Variants and more curious teases.

At one point, Loki uses a pruning stick against a mural of the Time-Keepers to reveal a bust of Jonathan Majors' Kang. It's unclear how this will come to pass as the Season 1 finale appeared to place the Asgardian in a world where Kang was openly running the TVA with a statue of himself on display.

Additionally, Loki points to a wall with a mural of many Kang Variants fighting as he declared "War is on its way." One has to wonder whether this may be a tease for the conflict to come in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

After all, at the time Loki Season 2 was originally set to release (summer 2023), it would have come under two years before Avengers 5, which now isn't due to hit theaters until May 2026 due to the Hollywood strikes

5.) Loki & Mobius Travel to the Past

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, funfair
Marvel Studios

Loki and Mobius are seen traveling to a historic funfair at Midway Plaisance, a public park in Chicago, Illinois. This will likely be the site of their confrontation with Kang Variant Victor Timely, teased in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

Exactly what plans they may have here remains unclear, but Loki appears to be magically thrown from a Ferris wheel during the trailer, indicating they may come to blows with a sorcerer, perhaps even Sylvie.

6.) Marvel’s Zaniac

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, zaniac
Marvel Studios

On another historic trip, Loki and Mobius dress up in tuxedos to attend a movie premiere, with the theater advertising a movie called Zaniac

The title references Marvel's creepy Zaniac, who debuted in May 1982's Thor Issue 319 as a swarm of demonic, parasitic creatures from the Dark Dimension that can take over hosts to cause havoc. 

The pair may be in search of Rafael Casal’s mysterious character who gets out of a car at the premiere to an ecstatic reaction from attendees and photographers, suggesting he may even be the star of the Zaniac.

Hiddleston and Wilson's TVA duo confront Casal's movie star in an alleyway, with Loki even striking him with his magical abilities. This suggests he may not be quite who he seems and likely has some connections to the series' time travel troubles.

7.) Sylvie’s Return

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Sylvie
Marvel Studios

Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie returns in the trailer, confirming she will be a McDonald's employee at some point in the season. The uniform looks to be a retro one which was used by the fast food giant in the late '70s into the '80s.

At one point, now out of her McDonald's uniform and wearing a dark outfit, Sylive draws a dagger to take on an unknown foe. The figure can't be seen clearly, but perhaps this may be a Kang Variant or even Loki himself, with her possibly having no memory of him after her time as a McDonald's employee.

But the pair will clearly reunite against a mutual foe eventually, as they can be seen conversing and fighting side-by-side at other points.

8.) Return to He Who Remains’ Citadel at the End of Time

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Citadel He Who Remains
Marvel Studios

A surprising shot comes with a return to He Who Remains' Citadel at the End of Time from the Season 1 finale, with the throne room now battered and dilapidated as He Who Remains' corpse can still be seen in his chair.

Perhaps the setting may be revisited in a direct continuation of Sylvie's story from after she killed He Who Remains to see where she went next and how she ended up as a historic McDonald's employee.

9.) Mobius Investigates the Timestream

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Mobius Spacesuit
Marvel Studios

As has been shown off in prior marketing material, Owen Wilson's Mobius dons some form of TVA spacesuit he gets from Ke Huy Quan's OB - who hilariously repairs a crack in the helmet with duct tape.

The TVA analyst wears the suit to walk along a bridge toward, what appears to be, the timestream that He Who Remains' castle overlooked in the Season 1 finale.

What exactly he will be up to on the timestream remains unclear; perhaps he may be repairing some damage to it in an effort to stop Loki's timeslipping.

10.) Ravonna Renslayer’s Return

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Ravona Renslayer
Marvel Studios

Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Ravonna Renslayer pops up in different settings across the trailer, in all of which she is wearing variations of the same old-world outfit.

While she appears wearing her full attire to Victor Timely's event, her jacket is gone for other shots where she gets into some action with a massive weapon.

Ravonna even shows up in The Void, indicating she will be pruned at some point in the season. Perhaps this could lead to her running into some of the Loki Variants who assisted in taking down Alioth in Season 1.

11.) Hunter B-15 Appears

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Hunter-B15
Marvel Studios

Wunmi Mosaku’s Hunter B-15 showed up twice in drastically different attires across the trailer, making details on her role in the season extremely vague.

One of her outfits appears almost like a regal attire of African-looking origin, which she seems to be wearing in an old-world alleyway - perhaps even the same one where Loki and Mobius confront Rafael Casal’s character in the movie theater.

A later shot sees her enter a hospital in full doctor's attire through a TVA door portal, although it's almost impossible to tell what her business may be here.

12.) Jonathan Majors’ Victor Timely

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Victor Timely
Marvel Studios

The trailer featured one scene which may be familiar to MCU fans as Jonathan Majors' Victor Timely, a Kang Variant, appeared before an audience - a clip of which served as the post-credits scene to Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

That post-credits scene revealed the talk, which takes place in some historical period, was titled "Victor Timely and his Astounding Temporal Marvels."

Timely looks to present some form of high-tech, futuristic machine which creates immense electrical strikes, much to the terror of the audience.

Although Timely was the only Kang Variant to appear in the Loki Season 2 trailer, perhaps more will crop up across the six episodes.

13.) Miss Minutes Gets Big

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Miss mInutes
Marvel Studios

A giant redesigned Miss Minutes with a new ghostly appearance could be seen chasing and terrorizing attendees of the historic fair where Jonathan Majors' Kang Variant Victor Timely was giving a talk.

The redesign likely comes down to this being a version of Miss Minutes created by Victor Timely, as opposed to the Season 1 TVA iteration by He Who Remains.

Perhaps this may be a sign fans will encounter multiple Variants of Miss Minutes in Season 2 to go along with the multiple Kangs expected to appear.

14.) Loki & Sylvie Reunite

Disney+, Loki Season 2, Trailer, Sylvie Loki fight
Marvel Studios

Loki and Sylvie finally reunite at the end of the trailer to take on a host of TVA agents side-by-side with their magical powers, while Mobius is also present in the background with a pruning stick.

It's unclear exactly where the fight may be taking place, but TVA agents appear to be entering in droves through portal doors to take on the group.

These agents may be coming after Sylvie for whatever mischief she has gotten herself into since the Season 1 finale, with Loki and Mobius coming to her aid.

Sylvie appears to be sporting a new fringe hairstyle and a new Loki attire, indicating this is either a Variant or some time has passed for her.

Loki Season 2 will premiere on Disney+ on October 6.

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